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Varazdinske Toplice is a little town in the northwest of Continental Croatia with the reputation of the oldest and most famous health resort not only in Croatia but also in the broader region. It lies only 45 minutes of driving from the largest Croatian airport near Zagreb. Even though the modern facilities have been available “only” for the last two centuries, there is a more than two millennia long tradition of enjoying the thermal wells here. Here used to dwell the ancient Jasz people tribes before the Romans came. The meaning of the name is “the owner of the hot well”. Of course, the Romans were the ones that had transformed this are into a real thermal resort and led it into its golden age. There is an archeological site where the monumental Roman spa had been excavated. There was a forum, a capitolium and a complex with resident quarters as well as a trading post. Visit the County Museum where you can see different stones and marble reliefs as well as precious sculptures that depict scenes and characters from the Roman healing traditions. The site itself is an open air museum.

Varazdinske Toplice – Aquae Iasae

The Romans named this area Aquae Iasae. It was luck that the soil is rich in tuff deposits that enveloped the Roman architecture and preserved it so we can admire it today. Enjoy the Sulphur thermal baths just like all those who had enjoyed them over two millennia. There is a rehabilitation hospital connected to it today. There are beautiful Roman reliefs depicting nymphs who have taken care of the thermal wells according to the legend. They follow you while you stroll through the well pavilion, music pavilion and the landscape pavilion that climbs up the hill becoming a forest park.

Active holidays

Besides the mentioned spa and wellness contents you should not miss trying the professional ones, especial medical. Have you ever hear of the Roman Massage? Why don’t you try it out? After all the necessary preparations at the spa, try cycling and getting to know the area. If you are an adrenalin buff, try airsoft, an outdoor combat game very much resembling paintball. Finish your day in one of many cafes or cake and pastry shops. There are couple of restaurants in the green, peaceful and relaxing Varazdinske Toplice but the town of Varazdin and all you might need from a more  urban environment on your holiday is less than ten miles away.

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