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Pozega | Villas, cottages and apartments

Pozega is a beautiful little town in the heart of Continental Croatia. It is surrounded by the oldest and almost all Slavonian mountains, since this region is mostly lowlands and flatlands. Mountains Psunj, Papuk, Krndija, Dilj and Požeška gora are covered in forests and the entire area is completely green during the warmer part of the year. In the nineteenth century one used to call the town „The Athens of Slavonia“ because of a great number of cultural associations, many of which are active even today, among them the town's library, musical association and the firefighting department. Two convents were in charge of the schooling and after the railroad had passed through the town at the end of nineteenth century, the town blossomed even more. Today the rich history is reflected and very much recognizable in the lively squares and the facades of buildings and houses.

Nature in and around Pozega

Hundred miles from the closest international airport and twenty miles from the highway, Pozega will enchant you with its natural beauties. The old mountains surrounding it mostly have mild slopes covered in lush forests and meadows with trails where you can hike or cycle. It is a perfect destination for a romantic getaway or peaceful family holidays with plenty of outdoor activities. Around the banks of river Orljava and across mountain Pozeska gora there are wonderful trails and promenades. The town itself is rich in arbored walkways and there is a lovely town park with not only botanical but architectural gems as well. You will find a children’s playground, too. At the end of the long playground there is an elevation with the old fort. From there you can view the surroundings and admire the lovely landscape of the “Golden Valley”.


The town is filled with beautiful architecture and you can spot something worthwhile and unique at any corner. You can start by just walking to the cathedral of St Teresa in Vienna baroque style of the interiors as well as the exterior. In the place where the old savings bank used to be there is a tremendous art deco building with the town library. Visit the St Vincent convent that was built in the early seventeenth century as a school and later became a philosophical and theological faculty. The church of St Laurent was built in thirteenth century and is one of the examples of gothic heritage. This is only a small part of the beautiful architecture in Pozega one should not miss.

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