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Spend a perfect holiday in the lovely little town of Nasice in the east of Continental Croatia. If you have never visited Nasice, maybe it is just the right time to search through our offer of villas, cottages and apartments and find the ideal holiday home for you and your family and friends today. The town is situated in the heart of Croatia’s most eastern region, Slavonia, on the crossroads of important routes.

Ferienhaus in Našice

Lapovac Lake in Nasice

The town offers plenty of worthy attractions and interesting sites. Have you ever heard of the beautiful Lapovac lake? It is situated on the edge of town but only 4 km from the center. You can walk there with your family just to take a stroll but you can also swim in it. You can just enjoy the landscape, walk, swim or also take the youngest members of your family to the educational park Bizik. In park there is a small zoo with animals from other continents. Lapovac is an artificial lake just perfect for spending your time outdoors, having a picnic with your loved ones.


Nasice is only 30 miles away from the largest town in Continental Croatia, Osijek, where you also find an international airport. But also in Nasice you will be able to find enough sightseeing material to last you more than one holiday. The greatest treasure here are the castles of family Pejacevic: the large and the small castle are both impressive and they will enchant your family. The beautiful parkway was planted after the castles had been built and its botanic diversity us its largest treasure. The old trees are something you will always remember. Dora Pejacevic was Croatia’s first female composer and the oldest daughter of count Teodor Pejacevic. Visit the Nasice Museum in Castle Pejacevic where you also find “Dora’s Pavilion”.

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