Korcula Island I Villas in Dalmatia I NOVASOL


Korcula Island I Villas in Dalmatia I NOVASOL

How about an adventure in Marco Polo's birthplace, Korcula, Croatia? There is bountiful sun, clean and beautiful beaches, great food and wine. All of this and more awaits you on Korcula. So rent your Croatia holiday apartments and villas through NOVASOL today. The island of Korcula in south Dalmatia is an oasis of freedom and harmony. Experience the laidback life for yourself in a holiday cottage from NOVASOL. Our holiday villas in Croatia are among the best on offer, and they can be booked at very reasonable rates. Here is your chance for a restorative holiday with lots of sun, and friendly people.

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Croatia holiday apartments and culture on Korcula

Korcula island in the south of Dalmatia was a center of maritime shipping and trade for hundreds of years. One can imagine a young Marco Polo, inspired by the wondrous tales of the many sailors who landed here, becoming a famous explorer and world traveler. Let the history of adventure inspire you to discover your own villas in Croatia. The island of Korcula is also known for the Moreska dance. This folk dance involves swords which dancers use to tell exciting tales of adventures and wars. Most plots involve a damsel in distress, and a hero who beats all odds. When you are not at the theatre, head for the lovely beaches with clear water.

Discover beautiful beaches with a NOVASOL holiday

Korcula island in south Dalmatia is said to be one of the most beautiful islands in the Adriatic Sea. The blue sea invites to swimming and fun for both big and small visitors and Korcula's beaches are very beautiful. Our Croatia holiday apartments give guests the opportunity to explore all of these amazing features. The island is known for its many vineyards and fascinating history is surrounded by large and small beaches, both white soft sandy beaches and warm rocks that give you a great swimming experience when you stay in holiday rentals in Croatia. The water in the area has been consistently very good quality and among the 20 beaches on Korcula everyone can find something suitable. When you decided to rent a house in Korcula you have many activities to choose from.

Island of Korcula in Dalmatia – holiday homes Croatia

Whether you want to explore new water sports, relax on the beach or are just looking for a quiet island, Dalmatia in Croatia is probably the ideal holiday destination for you. Our Dalmatia holiday homes in Croatia can be found in almost every region of Dalmatia including cities, like Dubrovnik (also see self-catering Dubrovnik), Split and Zadar. The Dalmatian coastline has hundreds of islands off the coast and has some of the most beautiful shore landscapes in Europe.

Island paradise

Most islands in Dalmatia can be found in North Dalmatia, between the cities of Zadar and Sibenik. The larger islands are mostly available through Split port, while the islands in south Dalmatia are the greenest. The so-called archipelago of Kornati consists of 150 islands and reefs and is one of the biggest archipelagos in the Adriatic Sea. In total, you can find over 1,185 islands in Croatia, whereas only 67 of them are inhabited. Frequently, those islands can be seen from mainland Croatia, but you can also find many that are completely isolated and far off the coast. Why not find out if your desired Croatia holiday homes are located on one of those islands?


Close by, you can find the natural reserve of Kocje with interesting rock formations and several baroque houses from the 17th and 18th century. The annual folklore events including the traditional sword combat Mostra take place during summer and are very popular among tourists. Those events and the crystal clear sea around the gorgeous green island of Korcula are only a few reasons why our holiday rentals in Croatia are so popular among NOVASOL customers.

The island of Hvar is another very popular island in Dalmatia that is frequently visited by NOVASOL holiday makers.

Why travel with NOVASOL?

NOVASOL has high standards when it comes to letting summerhouses in Europe and Scandinavia and our Croatia holiday homes are no exception. We rate each using our star system. Our listings usually range from three-star to five-star rentals, with five-stars being the most luxurious. No matter what you choose, we promise to deliver the villas in Croatia you order.