Dakovo | Villas, cottages and apartments

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Dakovo | Villas, cottages and apartments

Dakovo is a town in the east of continental Croatia known as the „heart of Slavonia“. People of the town like to say that they live in the central and most beautiful part of historic region of Slavonia. The area mostly consists of lowlands covered with fields and forests. From whichever side of the world you approach the town, you can see the beautiful red brick cathedral belfries watching you.

Sightseeing in Dakovo

Besides the mentioned cathedral in Dakovo you can see a plethora of cultural, historic and natural treasures and locations. Within the old town there are many pieces of valuable sacred architecture. The building of City management us one of the most famous architecture pearls in town and one of the most precious pieces of art deco in Croatia. After you had visited the Bishop's palace, All Saints Church, the cathedral organ or the monument to World War Two hero Ivo Lola Ribar, relax and have a drink or some cake in one of the cafes on the main street that turns into a promenade during the warmer part of the year. If you are spending your holidays in Dakovo during the second half of July, you are in luck. The most important festival of folklore with international guests takes place here, lasts for two weeks and usually ends on the last weekend in the month. It is called Dakovacki vezovi.

Outdoor activities

Dakovo is a small town with even four parks. One of them, popularly names after the famous politician and bishop Josip Juraj Strossmayer, is a protected cultural monument. Here most of outdoor show sin town take place, like the mentioned folklore festival Dakovacki vezovi. If you enjoy fishing there are more smaller lakes in the area. If you are a hunter, you will really enjoy your holidays in Dakovo that have some of the best hunting grounds in Croatia. The town swimming pools are also available during larger part of the year. The most magnificent scene in Dakovo is Darkovo Sables (Ergela Dakovo) that had been established in 1506. Here you can see the most beautiful Lipizzan horses and their shows.

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