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We know your family is unique and that’s why each of our handpicked villas, cottages and apartments has its own style, story and price tag. NOVASOL has a portfolio of 50,000 unique and handpicked villas, cottages and apartments across Europe. Make lasting memories in one of our fantastic European destinations.

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Holiday Home Croatia Croatia
Holiday Home Denmark Denmark
Holiday Home Italy Italy


Holiday Home Austria
  • Oustanding natural beauty
  • Range of year-round outdoor activities
  • Rich cultural offerings


Holiday Home Belgium
  • Endless countryside in Wallonia
  • Diverse and unique cities
  • Delicious cuisine and varied culture


Holiday Home Croatia
  • Visit the striking medieval old town of Dubrovnik
  • Crystaline waters and thousands of Adriatic islands
  • Unique culture and comforting cuisine


Holiday Home Cyprus
  • Great year-round climate
  • Delicious cuisine
  • Warm culture


Holiday Home Denmark
  • Cosmopolitan cities and beautiful countryside
  • In Denmark you are never more than 50 km away from the coast
  • Find out why Denmark is one of the happiest nations on Earth


Holiday Home France
  • One of the world's most famously delicious cuisines
  • Home to some of the most glamorous cities in the world, including Paris and Nice
  • A uniquely varied landscape, from stunning beaches to rolling countryside and fields of lavender


Holiday Home Germany
  • Explore modern culture in the powerful capital of Berlin
  • Discover endless forests and fairytale castles
  • Feel at home from nature to small villages and cities


Holiday Home Greece
  • Get lost in the grips of ancient history
  • Party like a local - Greek culture is full of celebration!
  • Characterful hinterland and pristine beaches


Holiday Home Italy
  • Iconic landscapes from the Tuscan hills to the Amalfi coast
  • World-renowned cuisine, wine and hospitality
  • Visit charming villages or cities like Rome, Venice and Florence


Holiday Home Luxembourg
  • Charming lakes and fairytale castles
  • Nature parks and dense forests
  • Quirky culture and delicious cuisine


Holiday Home Montenegro
  • An otherwordly landscape of lush hills and valleys
  • Welcome to the crystalline Adriatic Coast
  • Enjoy the path less trodden and a warm culture


Holiday Home Netherlands
  • Beautiful countryside
  • Vibrant culture and traditions
  • Delicious cuisine


Holiday Home Norway
  • Natural beauty
  • Northern Lights
  • Warm Culture


Holiday Home Poland
  • Fascinating history
  • Vibrant cities
  • Delicious cuisine


Holiday Home Portugal
  • Beautiful beaches
  • Unique culture
  • Charming villages


Holiday Home Slovenia
  • Spectacular mountains
  • Crystal clear lakes
  • Elegant cities


Holiday Home Spain
  • Mediterranean climate and beautiful beaches
  • Home to the fascinating cities of Madrid, Barcelona and Seville
  • Great Spanish food and drinks


Holiday Home Sweden
  • Rich and unspoiled nature
  • Long coastline and numerous lakes
  • From traditional cottages to modern holiday homes


Holiday Home Switzerland
  • Awe-inspiring natural beauty
  • Charming culture and traditions
  • Year-round activities

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