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Krapina | Villas, Cottages and Apartments

Spend your holiday in Continental Croatia in the lovely area of Krapina. Krapina is a little town in the northwest of Croatia and the center of Hrvatsko zagorje. The town go its name from the river Krapincica. The river used to be abundant with fish carp in the prevalent Germanic dialect of Zagorje the fish is called “krap”, from there: Krapincica. Take a pick from out great holiday villas, cottages and apartments in Krapina! Expect traditional décor, lush greenery and pristine scenery with hilly landscapes and vineyards. Take your family on an unforgettable holiday in Croatia!

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Krapina legends

Visit the old town dominated by the medieval fortress built on a hilly and find out more about one of the most popular Croatian legends – the Black Queen. Find out more about another famous legend of brothers Ceh, Leh and Meh and their sister Vilina, an oral tradition first penned by famous Croatian writer Ljudevit Gaj.

Putovanje Krapina

Krapina Caveman

If you have ever heard anything about Krapina, it must have been about the Krapina prehistoric man. On Husnjakovo hill there is an archeological site where Neanderthal remains were found. It is the first paleontological natural monument in Croatia. It is definitely one of the most important paleoanthropological localities in the world.

Visit the Neanderthal Museum and learn more about the life of our distant prehistoric cousins. Museum’s exterior offers a reconstruction of a caveman and his family as well as some interesting animals of that era. Climb Josipovac hill and view many wooden sculptures by famous Croatian artists.

Ljudavit Gaj – the leader of Croatian National Revival

One of the most important names in Croatia of the nineteenth century is Ljudevit Gaj. He is the father of the idea of the national revival. He issued the Croatian Orthography and started the newspaper “Danica”. He was born in Krapina in 1809. You can visit his birthplace as well as the nearby church of St. Mary of Jerusalem on hill Trski vrh, one of the most beautiful baroque churches in these parts.

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