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Below you can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about bookings, payment, arrivals, key collection, and our security packages.

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Free cancellation up to 14 days before arrival for properties that display the banner

Free cancellation up to 14 days before arrival is a special offer available for any properties that display the ‘14 day free cancellation' banner at the time of the booking. The offer is valid for bookings made no later than 10th June 2023 for these properties and only for arrivals up until 24th June 2023. Any cancellation of a booking made with this special offer should be made via the 'MyBooking' page. Any cancellation after the expiry of the 14 day deadline will be handled in accordance with the Rental Terms.


How does COVID-19 affect me and my booking with NOVASOL?

At NOVASOL we are doing everything in order to help you regarding COVID-19, which is why we have gathered all the information regarding the pandemic on this page where you can read more about how it can affect your stay. 

I have booked a rental but the border of the destination country is closed. What now?

You always have the option to change your booking up until 40 days prior to scheduled arrival after paying a fee of € 75.

For more information, read the Rental Terms.

Can I change my booking to another rental?

Yes, you can re-book your vacation to the same holiday rental in a different period, to another rental or, if you wish, to another destination.

You can change your booking by contacting us directly. 

What happens if my changed booking is either cheaper or more expensive than my original booking?

If you choose to re-book a period or a holiday rental that is more expensive than the original booking, we will charge you the difference, plus the re-booking fee.

If the changed booking is cheaper than the original booking, we will refund you the difference minus the re-booking fee.

If you have already paid, your money will be transferred to you re-booking. You can see this on your MyBooking page. 

When is the second instalment due for a re-booking?

The second instalment is due 6 weeks before arrival.

I don't want to change my booking, but cancel my stay. Can I get a refund?

All cancellations are processed against a fee in accordance with clause 6 in the Rental Terms. The fees increase the closer the cancellation is to the scheduled arrival date. No full refunds are offered. For more details, please see the Rental Terms applicable to your booking.

When can I expect my refund if I cancel?

If you are entitled to a refund of some of the money you have paid, we will be in touch with a confirmation of the amount to be refunded.

Please note that we are currently processing a very high level of customer inquiries, and therefore regret to inform you that it may take at least 3-4 weeks before the refund is processed, if it is due.

We apologize for this inconvenience.

Do you offer a voucher?

We do not offer vouchers, but guests can get and use vouchers obtained by NOVASOL’s  business partners. In order to use the vouchers, you have to contact our customer service and pay the rest of the sum after the voucher has been registered by our staff.

Booking a Holiday Rental

How do I book a holiday rental?

The easiest and fastest way to book your holiday rental is directly through our website.

Pick your destination, arrival and departure date, amount of visitors, and once you find your dream rental, proceed to payment, and within a few minutes, your dream vacation is booked!

You save both energy and time, as it is much faster than calling us! 

How can I use my discounts?

NOVASOL offers discounts on our holiday rentals through various partners, benefit clubs, and companies. You can find the different discount vouchers on our partners’ website, in membership magazines, or the company’s intranet.

You can use the vouchers online when booking the rental; enter the voucher information on the last step, when choosing a payment method. Once the voucher is entered, click on “apply” to subtract the discount from the rental price.

Please note that you cannot combine different discounts.

You can use the vouchers:

  • When booking directly with NOVASOL
  • On new bookings

Where can I find my rental agreement?

Immediately after booking a rental, you will receive an e-mail containing a link to your personal MyBooking site where you can find your payment information and download the rental agreement (after 100% payment). If you paid with your credit card, you will find your rental agreement immediately after booking.

NB: We do not send anything via regular mail, as the booking process is on our website and through e-mail. However, if you wish to receive the rental agreements with regular mail, feel free to contact our sales team and book your stay through them.

Is my payment information protected?

No worries! All information you provide when booking a holiday rental through our website is sent to NOVASOL via SSL encryption.

When can I book a holiday rental for next year?

If you are already planning your vacation for next year, NOVASOL can make a pre-order on the rental you want. We do not have a price yet, as the upcoming season starts in spring/summer the year before since we have 1-year contracts with the owners and renegotiate them year by year.

Once the contract is renegotiated, we will send you the booking confirmation as well as the rental price. In case you are not happy with the price, you will have a longer cancellation deadline, free of charge.

In order to make the pre-order, we need the house number, the desired period, as well as your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address.

Please note that there is a possibility of the given rental not being available in the upcoming season or that it is being used by the owner. In that case, we will send you an alternative so that you can still have a good vacation. However, we have loyal house owners, and we hope that we once again can welcome you as a guest with NOVASOL.

Can youth groups rent?

Youth groups are defined as a group of at least six people under 21. The group needs to be reported to NOVASOL who reserves the right to turn down the given group. If the group is not reported in advance, NOVASOL can reject it upon arrival or during the stay.

Some owners do not wish to rent their houses to youth groups, but this is typically stated in the house description. Please note that the person booking the rental must be 21 years old.

Youth groups must pay a special group deposit no later than upon arrival consisting of the ordinary prepayment of consumption as well as an extra charge of DKK 3,500 per person indicated on the rental agreement. If the mandatory final cleaning is not included in the price of the rental, the group must pay for that as well.

Can companies rent?

It is indicated in the rental description whether the rental is exclusively rented for holiday purposes or if companies can rent it.

Changes, Cancellation, and Security Package

How can I change my booking?

You can change your booking by contacting us directly. All changes will be in accordance with our rental terms and the indicated fees.

How can I cancel my booking?

You can cancel your booking on your personal MyBooking site that is linked in the e-mail with your booking confirmation.

Note that all cancellations are in accordance with our rental terms.

Can I transfer my booking to somebody else?

If you are unable to make the trip yourself, you can transfer your booking to someone else for a fee of 550 DKK / 75€ until 1 day ahead of your arrival. This can be done by contacting us directly.

NOVASOL needs a written confirmation from you that includes information on the new tenant.

What does my free security package include?

Our security package ensures that you can book your vacation safely without worrying about suddenly occurred issues.

The security package includes:

Cancellation in the case of illness or death

Cancellation until 8 days ahead of arrival caused by unjustified unemployment or a new job

Cancellation or an alternative rental if the owner is declared insolvent

A money back guarantee on houses with swimming pool

Best price guarantee

Payment, Service, and Consumption

How do I pay for my booking?

You can pay through MyBooking with your credit card or an EAN invoice (public institutions) by contacting our guest service.

You can feel safe paying online; your information is handled safely and is SSL encrypted. We do not save your credit card information at any time, but we make sure that the information is correct.

Can I pay in instalments?

As an extra service to you, you have the opportunity to pay in two instalments if you book more than 56 days before arrival.

The first instalment is 25% of the total rental price.

The second instalment is the remaining 75% of the total rental price (due to be paid no later than 42 days before arrival).

When you opt for dividing your payment into instalments, the first one is charged right away. The payment information is saved via our certified and approved external payment partners. The second instalment is charged automatically on the due date.

You can find your payment overview on your MyBooking site, but please take in mind that if you have changed the booking period or rental, the second instalment will not be charged automatically.  

What if I get a new credit card?

If you get a new credit card between your instalments, we suggest you log onto your MyBooking site on the payment date and pay with your new card. If you edit your payment information before the payment date of the second instalment, you will be charged immediately.

When do I pay the tourist tax?

In many European countries, local authorities charge a tourist tax from visitors to the country. The amount varies from country to country, but you will normally be charged per person/per day wither by NOVASOL before departure or by the service office/the owner once you arrive, and you pay in local currency.

How do I buy and pay for the extra services?

You can buy extra services until 5 days before arrival via your MyBooking site if under "Extra Services".

Buying extra services between first and second instalment:

The amount of the second instalment increases corresponding to the price of the service.

Buying extra services after paying the full rental price:

The amount will appear on your MyBooking site.

What extra services can I buy in Denmark?

Holiday Kit, which includes:

  • 3 dish cloths
  • 7 dishwashing tablets
  • 1 sponge
  • Glass cleaner
  • Dish soap
  • Detergent

Linen Kit, which includes:

  • 1 duvet cover
  • 1 pillowcase
  • 1 bed sheet
  • 2 towels
  • 1 dishtowel

Final cleaning Rental of a cot or highchair

Tickets/vouchers for nearby attractions

Note that there can be differences between the rentals in terms of available extra services.


How much does a final cleaning cost?

The price of the final cleaning varies from country to country and depends on the size of the rental. You will see the exact price when you book your stay, where you can add it as an extra service. If you have already booked your stay, you can call us, and we will give you the price on your final cleaning.

In some rentals, the final cleaning is mandatory, and you will see the price with the total rent price. If the final cleaning does not appear on the rental agreement, you will have to pay for it upon arrival.

How much consumption can I expect?

When renting with NOVASOL, you can have extra consumptions in addition to the price you paid for the rental. Below you can see how the consumption is calculated (unless the description states that it is free). Electricity, water, heat, and wood are variable costs and are included in the total price in many rentals.

In rentals where electricity and water are not included in the price, the consumption depends on the type of rental, interior design, and size. 

Consumption costs in Danish rentals:

Water: DKK 66/m3

(price from September 26th, 2022)

NOVASOL wants to be transparent about how the electricity price you pay as a guest is calculated.

Our calculation of the electricity price charged to guests staying in our Danish houses is based on a publicly available basic price from The total consumption price is calculated individually from the basic price (A) plus the mandatory elements (B-E), which together make up the price that the homeowner will be asked to pay for the consumption to the property's electricity supplier. Please see below:

A) The actual cost price 
This price is highly dependent on the method used to generate the electricity (e.g. wind power) and therefore varies on an hourly basis, 24 hours a day. The cost price available on is used to create an average for the period of your stay in the holiday home.

B) Taxes
Paid to the government

C) Danish VAT

D) Electricity transport price
It is calculated on an hourly basis from the electricity supplier to the consumer, based on the time of day when consumption takes place as either a low (00:00 - 05:59), medium (06:00 - 16:59 / 21:00 - 23:59) or high (17:00 - 20:59) consumption pattern. We use an average of the meter readings in all Danish NOVASOL houses that allow digital meter reading on a 14-day rolling basis. The consumption pattern is then used to calculate the average of the total transport price.

E) Profit margin 
Charged by the electricity company on an hourly basis (0.15 DKK)
In addition, NOVASOL adds 42% to cover the income tax that the homeowner has to pay on the electricity price and an hourly fee of 0.30 DKK per kWh.

The electricity price is recalculated weekly and the price you pay as a guest is dependent on arrival and length of stay.

You will receive the bill within four weeks after your stay. In some rental, typically the ones with a swimming pool, you will be charged an a pre payment amount in advance or once you collect your key upon arrival.

Consumption cost abroad:

In majority of the rentals abroad, your consumption will be settled. The owner or contact person may require a deposit upon arrival that is used to set off the consumption. In some rentals, the consumption is settled after your departure in which case you will receive a bill as well as payment information. It can also be set off with a deposit. Your excess deposit will be returned to you.

Do I pay deposit on all rentals?

You do not have to pay deposit in the majority of rentals. However, we will charge in case of:

  • Houses that are usually not used as holiday homes
  • Bigger groups
  • Youth groups
  • Stays longer than 14 days
  • Unique rentals
  • Rentals with boat

What if an accident with the interior happens during your stay?

Accidents can happen. And if it is a small accident (a broken glass or plate), you can write it on a damage blanket that you can find in the house. That way we can react quickly and replace the broken piece so that it is ready for the next guests. NOVASOL covers damage costs up to DKK 1,000.

Arrival, Departure, and Keys

When can I collect the key/arrive to the rental?

In Denmark, you can collect your key after 3pm and move into the house from 4pm. On your MyBooking page you can choose to receive an SMS if the rental is ready for check-in before 3pm.

Please note that, although you arrive early, you cannot expect to enter the rental early, as NOVASOL and/or the owner needs time to prepare it.

Other countries:

In other countries, you can collect your key between 4pm and 8pm. Make sure to indicate your desired/expected time of arrival on your MyBooking site so that the owner or the contact person can confirm it. If you plan on arriving earlier than your indicated time, it must be confirmed by the owner or contact person, otherwise you cannot expect to get the key at the desired time.

Where can I collect the key to the rental?

On your MyBooking page, you can find the PDF file called “Route description/Key collection” where the location is indicated. Please note that the address is not necessarily the same as the address of the rental.

2 days before arrival, you will receive an email and an SMS with key collection information.

What time do I have to depart from the rental?

You have to depart no later than 10am on the day of departure.

Where do I return the key?

You return the key on the same address where you collected it.

The NOVASOL Concept: What should I bring with me, and what can I buy?

What will I find in the rental?

In our rentals, you can find basic kitchen equipment as well as duvets and pillows for all beds. However, there are no children duvets. The rental is decorated by the owner’s taste and can be seen in the photos found in the description. Note that the star rating is related to the quality and the amount of basic and special equipment.

Will there be any cleaning products in the rental?

There are no cleaning products in the rental. Therefore, we recommend you bring your own cleaning products or, if possible, buy our Holiday Kit. However, there is a vacuum cleaner as well as a floor mop and bucket.

What should I bring myself?

Things like towels, bed linen, and dishtowels can be included in the price or purchased before arrival with 5-days notice. 
These can be picked up at the local office during opening hours.

It is a good idea to bring your own food and beverages as well as the most necessary things for the kitchen and bathroom, including paper towels and toilet paper.

What if I lose something in the rental?

If you lose or forget something in one of our rentals, please contact the local office.

Note that the local office can charge a search fee.

The Rentals in General

What do the stars mean?

 Simply furnished rental with a little focus on interior design

 Simply furnished rental

 Traditional rentals with standard furniture

 Well-equipped rental with high-standard and comfortable furniture

 Tastefully furnished rental with advanced equipped and modern furniture

How many people are allowed in a rental?

The number of persons allowed in the holiday rental is stated in the description of the house. All people regardless of age count.

You are allowed to bring an extra child under 4 to the majority of the rentals. This will typically be indicated in the description.

Norway and Sweden:

In a big part of the rentals, the rules are the same as in Denmark. But, just in case, ask before you book.

Central and Southern Europe:

The indicated amount of people cannot be exceeded. Extra people should be requested.

In some countries, is not allowed to put up a tent in the garden, bring your own caravan, etc.

Can I do the final cleaning myself?

You can do the final cleaning yourself and it will be approved by our service staff after your departure. You can also buy a final cleaning no later than four days ahead of your departure. Some rentals include mandatory final cleaning, which means that you cannot do it yourself. You will pay for that when you collect the key. This is the case with many rentals, especially in Southern Europe where final cleaning is included in the rental price.

Please note that, in some rentals, final cleaning cannot be purchased.

How many pets can I bring?

The number of allowed pets is indicated in the house description. If you want to bring more than allowed, you must send a request to the owner, which is why we recommend you contact us in time if you want to bring extra pets.

Watermarks on photos?

When we rent a house, it is important that we get the right pictures. However, sometimes it occurs that a rental is available on the website before our photographer has been there to take the photos, and, in the meantime, we have to use watermarked model images. Information in connection with these images does not entitle to subsequent compensation. 

Rental Terms and Good to Know

Rental terms

You can find and read NOVASOL’s rental terms here.

Good to Know

Regardless of your destination, it is always a good idea to read about what you can expect during your stay in one of our rentals. Read more here.

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