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Rental of Spanish holiday home

The simple way to let your holiday home

Whether it’s a beach house, holiday apartment or a classic vacation destination, NOVASOL takes the difficulty out of letting your holiday home. See how we can help you as a vacation rental owner. 

Local presence and global strength
More than 50 years’ experience
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Why we are Europe's leading vacation rental company

Global presence
We have local NOVASOL teams and offices all over Europe. We make sure your expectations are met and are always available to give advice and answer questions from both you and our shared guests.
Professional rental
With more than 50 years in the industry, you get an experienced, reliable and professional rental partner. We offer solutions to increase your income and advice on how to achieve the best occupancy.
You get a free insurance of your holiday home, hassle-free coverage of minor damages, payment of your rental income prior to your guests' stay as well as guaranteed payment in case of late cancellations.

How much can you earn?

Most homeowners rent out their property to get an extra source of income. Your potential rental income is dependent on a number of factors such as size, location, facilities and the condition of the holiday home. Contact us using the form at the top of the page to get an estimate on the rental income for your holiday home.

How we help you increase your rental income

  • More guests: We offer a selection of rental concepts such as wellness homes and holiday homes that are tailor-made for families with children. These concepts help you to receive the highest number of bookings and reach new customer groups. We can also guide you on improvements to increase your rental.
  • Promotion: We make sure your property is featured on the entire holiday rental market and introduced to hundreds of thousands of international guests on our own website, which receives millions of visitors each month. We use multiple other channels too: from traditional travel agencies to online portals such as, Homeaway and Airbnb.
  • The right price: Determining a rental price isn’t simple, and wrong prices are one of the main reasons for low occupancy. We use our experience and analysis of the market to determine the right level for your home, continuously adjusting prices to meet demand.
Holiday home owner who rents out

When you rent out your holiday home, you just want everything to work – and it does.

Thomas, holiday home owner with NOVASOL since 2001

Meet our dedicated advisors

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Local presence and global strength 

With NOVASOL offices and local teams in across Europe, there is always a NOVASOL representative near you and your holiday home. Our local advisors have substantial experience from the holiday industry and will provide personal advice about your specific holiday home. Our local presence also gives us a unique opportunity to market your holiday home globally and provide the best service to guests from all over the world.


Save 25% on your next holiday

When you rent out your holiday home with us, you get a 25% discount when you book a holiday in one of our almost 50,000 holiday homes in 19 countries. Explore a European city, relax by the beach in the Mediterranean or go on an amazing alpine ski adventure. 

We offer a wide selection of holiday homes and apartments at popular destinations such as France, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Germany, Sweden and Norway, but you can also discover lesser known but equally fascinating countries such as Albania, Slovenia and Montenegro.

50,000 holiday homes in 19 countries

Any questions?

What is the difference between private holiday rentals and a rental company? When can my property be booked? And how much can I earn from renting out my vacation home?

Here’s a collection of questions and answers regarding rental of your holiday home and how everything works when you rent out with us. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Your rental income
How much can I earn by renting out my holiday home through NOVASOL?

Your income will depend on a wide variety of factors such as the location, standard and facilities inside and outside your holiday home. The number of weeks you make your property available is also important for your rental income.

We will prepare a realistic budget based on the different holiday home facilities and your wishes for the rental period. We can also advice you on how you can make your holiday home even more competitive on the rental market.

How and when do I get paid?

You will be paid through bank transfer directly into your chosen account. Payment will be done at the beginning of the month in which your guest arrives. We will pay the full rental price even if the guest has not arrived yet, subject to terms and conditions.

The necessary time varies from country to country dependent on processing time. If the booking is last minute, you will receive payment in the following month.

What happens to my payment if my guests cancel their reservation?

If a guest cancels a confirmed booking within a defined number of days prior to their scheduled arrival, we will cover between 80% and a 100% of the lost rental price. The number of days before arrival and coverage percentage is dependent on the country.

How do I know that I’m getting the right price for my rental property?

Based on our experience and extensive market research, we determine the prices that best suit your particular holiday home. We continuously monitor holiday trends all over the world and use the knowledge and experience we have built over 50 years in the industry to ensure that your holiday home is as competitive as possible – including having the right price balance.

Rental with NOVASOL
What is the difference between renting out my holiday home with NOVASOL and doing it myself?

Renting out your holiday home takes up a great deal of time and effort. It requires a lot of administration, finding a suitable price level throughout a rental season to ensure as many bookings as possible at the best price, promoting your holiday home through a number of channels, handling bookings as well as dealing with guest questions and potential issues before, during and after the stay and much more.

If you choose us as your rental partner, we take care of all this. In addition, we make use of our 50 years’ of experience as well as on-going analysis of and insight into the holiday market to ensure that you have the best possible rental experience.

When will my holiday home be online after the agreement is signed?

Once the rental agreement is signed, it usually takes three to seven working days before your holiday home is online on our website and can be booked.

Is NOVASOL right for me if I only want to rent out my holiday home for a couple a weeks a year?

It depends on the number of weeks and time of year you have in mind. Please contact us to find out more.

When can guests book my holiday home?

Normally, our rental weeks run from Saturday to Saturday. However, if you wish to offer your guests more flexibility, you can choose specific concepts that allow shorter booking periods and optional arrival dates.

How long is the holiday rental agreement valid?

When you enter into a partnership with us, you make an agreement valid for the current and the subsequent year. Afterwards, the agreement is automatically renewed one year at a time. If you wish, you can of course terminate your agreement at the end of each agreement period.

Marketing of your holiday home
Who takes pictures and creates a sales presentation of my holiday home?

We handle every aspect of marketing your holiday home in numerous languages on our website and with our many booking partners. We take care of photography, and our copywriters make a presentation that, together with high quality images, introduces your holiday home to holidaymakers.

Where do the guests come from?

Your holiday home is marketed globally through websites, social media, ads and a network of more than 10,000 booking partners. Therefore, guests from all over the world visit our holiday homes. For example we receive guests from Denmark, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Austria, Croatia, Italy, Spain,

The United Kingdom and many other countries.
As a homeowner with NOVASOL you have access to your own personal homeowner page, where you can follow your rental and see exactly where your guests come from.

Bookings and guests
What happens when my holiday home is booked?

You will receive a notification by e-mail, text message or both. You can find details about all your bookings on your personal home page, which you have access to when you rent out your holiday home with us.

Can I keep personal belongings in my holiday home?

Yes, of course. We recommend that you keep your private belongings in a clearly marked and locked room, closet or similar.

Insurance of your holiday home
What happens if a guest causes damage to my holiday home?

It is important to us that you feel at ease when you rent out your holiday home. Therefore, we offer our homeowners a free insurance: The Homeowner Insurance. The insurance covers most damages, over 135 Euros, done to your holiday home and inventory in case your own insurance does not cover.

The Homeowner Insurance covers*:

  • coverage of physical damage to the rental house and related movables caused by a NOVASOL guest.
  • coverage of lost rental income if the repair of the damage means that you have to cancel existing bookings.
  • excess of only 135 Euros. The Homeowner insurance also covers the difference if your own holiday home insurance covers an injury, and your excess is more than 135 Euros.

… and much more! 

In addition, with our Minor Damage Concept, we cover the cost of smaller damage of up to 135 Euros. This way, you are well protected against unforeseen damages and expenses in connection with the rental of your holiday home.

* Subject to certain terms and conditions

Does NOVASOL charge a deposit of the guests?

As a general rule, guests are charged a deposit/advance payment when renting holiday homes with a pool and very large holiday homes. For other holiday homes, we instead offer a concept that we call The Minor Damage Concept.

This means that if a guest accidentally causes a minor damage in your holiday home during his or her stay, we will refund the expenses that may be incurred in connection with repair or purchase of new items with up to 135 Euros per stay*. With the concept we aim to protect you from unforeseen expenses in connection with the rental of your holiday home while at the same time avoiding giving our guests a bad experience by charging compensation for a minor and accidental damage.

The concept serves as a supplement to our Homeowner Insurance, which covers most damage to your holiday home as well as inventory made by a NOVASOL guest in case of damage exceeding 135 Euros if your own insurance does not cover*.

* Subject to certain terms and conditions.