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Vukovar | Holiday Homes in Slavonia

Vukovar is situated in the most eastern part of Continental Croatia and it is the capital of its county. This is the area where the historic regions of eastern Slavonia and western Srijem (Serbian: Srem). This area was an important intersection of very relevant traffic routes, especially those on the rivers. The Vukovar area in the valley of the Danube River has always been travelled through to the southeast from the northwest. That was not only documented but there are also archeological traces. Today the town has tourist boat connections with Vienna and Budapest that sail all the way to Romania and the Black Sea

Rivers in Vukovar

This area has always been marked by valleys of large rivers. There are two tremendous rivers in Vukovar: Danube and Vuka. Danube is loved by the locals not only for being Europe’s largest river but also for its connection of Europe and the rest of the world. On the other hand they adore the little river Vuka. The small and lively river offer great possibilities for fishing during the warm weather as well as an ice skating surface during the winter.


A few miles south of Vukovar there is an archeological site. Its name is Vucedol. In Croatia it is probably the most significant copper-stone age site. What makes it unique and quite special is the fact the site is so valuable that it had been possible to determine the profile of the entire manifestation of an eneolithic civilization – the Vucedol culture. One of the culture’s greatest accomplishments is the oldest European calendar, the Vucedol Orion. The vase with the depiction of the calendar was found in today’s town of Vinkovci. This revelation testifies to an existence of a civilization and a culture that was highly developed even five thousand years ago. You should not miss visiting Vucedol Culture Museum.

Activities in Vukovar

Here you will find Hrvatski Dom Vukovar, a multifunctional center that operates as a theatre  with shows, concerts and exhibitions. In the vicinity you will also find the Eltz Castle and a part of its complex is a museum gallery Oranzerija. Try some of Vukovar’s wines in one of many restaurants with great local specialties. Beside fishing cycling is also very popular here due to the flat terrain. Visit Ada, the small sand island in the middle of the Danube River just five minutes by boat from the center of the town. There is a provisional beach volleyball court there and a lovely sandy beach. Those in want of traditional elegance can tour the town in a traditional hose carriage or try riding.

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