Nova Gradiska | Holiday villas, cottages and apartments

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Nova Gradiska | Holiday villas, cottages and apartments

Nova Gradiska is situated in Continental Croatia where you can enjoy special climate between the influences of the Pannonian Basin and the mountain of Psunj. The summers are hot and the winters are snowy so you can spend your holidays here during any season of the year. There are public town swimming pools that are open during the warmer seasons. The tradition of hospitality goes back more than a century. There used to be a society that dealt with the beautification of the town. In time Tourist Board was developed and it took over all the functions and more. Some of the festivities are the carnival, flower expo, folklore festival, wind instruments festival, Summer Music Festival, old-timer car expo, fish stew festival “fisijada”, mushroom exhibition and motorcycle festival at “Strmec”. It will take you only a bit more than an hour drive from Croatia’s largest airport in Zagreb.

What to do and see in Nova Gradiska

The town’s museum hides wonderful collections: archeological, cultural and historical, ethnological and gallery collection. You can see items that date back to prehistory and testify to a rich culture, art and life traditions of Nova Gradiska in general and, of course, its locals. Visit Strmac, a wonderful place in nature. It is situated in a valley that opens up to the south with a mountain stream called Sumetlica, while from the north it is protected by mountain Psunj with the highest peak in the historic region of Slavonia. This is the perfect place to have a picnic, have a swim or take part in one of the many sport activities like volleyball, basketball or mini football. This are is also perfect for cycling, hiking and skiing. If you enjoy it, get a local license try hunting, fishing or angling. There is a small stage where summer concerts take place. If you decide to climb Psunj there are marked trails but you can also participate in an organized group trip. Visit tower “Gracanica” just fifteen minutes outside the center. Its origin is shrouded in mystery.

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