Kutina | Holiday Homes in Continental Croatia


Kutina | Holiday Homes in Continental Croatia

Less than an hour's drive from the international Zagreb airport you will find the lovely town of Kutina. It lies south of the slopes of mountain Moslavacka gora covered in vineyards and the most beautiful and the largest protected wetland in Croatia, Lonjsko polje. Thanks to its many trees, stylized shrubbery, hedges and parks, especially the centennial chestnut park, Kutina is often referred to as the Green Town. This are has been settled during the ancient Rome and the settlement was called Varianis. Its remains are visible in the east part of town on Kutinska Lipa.

Kutina Wine Road and Wine Court

Even before the Romans there were vineyard activities here performed by Thracians, Illyrians and Celts. This is homeland to some original wines, among them the most famous Skrlet. It is the first wine variety that got its official recognition of three clones, and so became the first branded variety in Croatia. Between the towns of Popovaca and Kutina flows the wine road through many small vineries and farms where you can not only taste the wine but also purchase bottled wine or even directly from the barrel. Visit the Wine Court, which was envisioned as as a starting and focal point of not only Kutina’s but also region’s enological and gastronomical offer.


Besides the wine road our route there are many other trails that you can take while enjoying hiking of cycling. You can also take a boat and visit many beautiful corners that are unavailable on foot. There is a special “Oil Route” where you can revisit the industrial era monuments. For romantics there is the Medieval Trail as well as horseback riding through the wetlands. There are a couple of hunting grounds available and one can try fishing and angling. Did you know that Kindergarten Olympics take place in Kutina?

All you need to do is to check out our offer of villas, cottages and apartments in Kutina and spend your dream holidays in continental Croatia!