Vinkovci | Holiday homes near ancient sites

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Vinkovci | Holiday homes near ancient sites

Vinkovci is one of the oldest areas that has been uninterruptedly settled not only in Croatia but this part of Europe. Some of the history experts are calling it „Europe's Jericho“ because there used to be a settlement in Vinkovci area even during younger Stone Age. There are some claims that it was the first gathering of Europe's farmers around the Starcevac culture approximately 6200 years before Common Era. Vinkovci have been home to other important cultures from Vucedol and Sopot to Bronze Age and iron Age cultures. This area in eastern Continental Croatia has been inhabited for millennia.

River Bosut

The town of Vinkovci lies between the rivers Sava and Danube, along the Bosut river. The lowlands are covered in plough lands as well as oak and ash tree forests. Thanks to its fantastic geographical position on the crossroads of important routes and naturally fertile soil the history of the area is very colorful. Vinkovci has been mentioned as a Roman settlement or military encampment under the name Aurelia Cibalae, and during the Dark Ages as Sveti Ilija (St Elijah). The town was dressed in its most beautiful baroque robe by the Habsburg Monarchy. You can view it in the town’s center.

Vucedol Culture

Here you can not only view the remains of the ancient ceramics but also from the first metal production of the entire world that belong to the late Vucedol Culture between years 3000 and 2600 before Common Era. Visit the Vucedol Culture Museum that has been built directly on the next to the archeological site near the town of Vukovar. In the mentioned smithy the remains of a bowl with an ancient calendar was found – Indo-European Orion Calendar. It was found in 1978 and the studies have demonstrated that there are constellations visible above the town depicted on it. Visit the archeological park Sopot that is connected to the downtown by a hiking and cycling trail.

Active holidays in Vinkovci

Get to know Vinkovci through one of its great cycling trails. There are different surfaces to be conquered here: dirt road, gravel, grass and asphalt. All start at the banks of the Bosut river and are marked in blue, red or yellow. The Danube cycling route passes here and continues to Srijem (Serbian: Srem) route. During the winter you can enjoy carnival horse riding and other manifestations. In summer there are three months of Vinkovci Summer Festival, and after that follow the Vinkovci Autumn. Christmas time is especially beautiful here.

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