Ilok | Holiday Homes near the Danube River

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Ilok | Holiday Homes near the Danube River

Ilok is the most eastern town in Croatia and so the place where you see the first rays of sunshine in this country. The area is covered in fields, woods but especially vineyards. The town looks over the Danube river surrounded by the slopes of mountain Fruška gora and the famous vineyards. This is a town of a long history and interesting cultural contrasts in the medieval old town, which is one of the largest and the most important urban fortification complex in continental Croatia. When one speaks of Ilok, we know that we are talking about one of the finest Danube wine areas. The closest international airport is in Serbia's capital, Belgrade, only seventy miles out of Ilok.

Ilok Wine Road

All in Ilok is connected to vineyards or wine production in one way or another. There is something special about these mild hills covered in vineyards and for sure you can taste that in these pristine wines. There has been a wine production here since the Illyrian tribes and the Roman rule. It was the dynamo behind the local economy for millennia. The most famous Ilok wine is Ilok Traminer, but here you can also taste great Pinot blanc, Riesling italic, chardonnay, frankovka and Rhein-Riesling. Visit the largest production of wine here “Ilocki podrumi” with the most wonderful cellars below Odescalchi Castle. Large and small vineries have joined into one wine road, which unlike most others in Croatia is also situated within the very town. Wine tasting should not go unaccompanied by great regional delicacies. Try the red pepper fish stew or the unusual spicy sausage kulen.

Outdoor activities

The Danube is a large river with many bayous and green corners where you can relax and lay back. Have fun on a boat trip, try rowing a boat or just have a picnic in this lowland environment. Have you ever tried angling? Catch your own perch if you like fishing. Just make sure that you buy the license when you get here. If you just like eating fish, we can promise you a great number of restaurants that offer local specialties, both modern and traditional styles. The Danube Cycle Path passes through this area and a bicycle is a great choice for exploring the mild surroundings.

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