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Zupanja is a town on the Sava River in the east of Continental Croatia. It is situated 150 miles from the Zagreb international airport and only 90 miles from the international airport in Serbia's capital, Belgrade. This area is known for its plains, lowlands and oak forests. During the nineteenth century the English have built a factory of tannin and then barrels. The Sava River was then used for lumber transport. The centennial oak logs were admired at the London exhibition by the entire world. The English entrepreneurs have also brought the first football and the first tennis racket not only in Zupanja but in the entire Croatia. This low and flat region is famous for its traditional gastronomy. Try the spicy sausage kulen and red pepper fish stew.

Ferienhaus in Županja

Museums and galleries in Zupanja

Stjepan Gruber Native Museum is located in a cultural monument – border fort, a closed guardhouse with a porch. It is the only specimen of that kind of military architecture in Croatia. There are some rich thematic collections available: paleontology, archeology, history, ethnology and gallery. In village Bosnjaci in the heart of Spacva oak forests you will find the Forestry Museum. It is one of the most beautiful museums of its kind in entire Europe. Here you will be able to see the riches of tradition, development and history of forestry as well as tools from the olden days. There are also specimens of local flora and fauna as well as a paining collection. Gallery Veliki Kraj is located in the center of Zupanja, in one of its architectural treasures, a traditional Sokci house.

Sokci culture and traditions

The Sokci are an ethnic group of South Slavs, mostly Croatian, that have migrated here in the seventh century. Today they exists in some regions outside Croatia, too. During the carnival time since 1968 in Zupanja you can enjoy the Sokacko Sijelo celebration. This cultural manifestation is here to protect and provide popularity to the Sokci rich traditions and customs. During Sokacko Sijelo one can expect performances, shows, festivities and festivals. The celebration is not only performed by professionals – there is a great amateur and fan scene. The traditional carnival is organized out in the streets of Zupanja. During other months there are tambura performances, folklore evenings and even rakija (fruit brandy) days.

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