Slatina | Holiday Homes in the West of Slavonia

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Slatina | Holiday Homes in the West of Slavonia

Slatina is a town in the northwest of the historic region of Slavonia where the first sparkling wine in Croatia was produced. The town in continental Croatia is working hard on reviving its old brands  and creating new ones through all the seasons. Check out or offer of villas, cottages and apartments un Slatina and book your self-catering accommodation today. Visit the Flowers Fair in spring, Crafts Fair in summer, Days of Croatian Sparkling Wine in autumn and do not miss the Advent in December. It takes two and a half hours of driving from the Zagreb international airport of just one hour from Pecs international airport in Hungary to reach Slatina.


Slatina is true cycling heaven that is interesting during the whole year thanks to its location south of the Drava river and north of mountain Papuk. If you like a challenge, you will tray cycling on the mountain. If you are just looking for an easy cruise , why not take the lowlands in the river valley. The town and its surroundings offer great trails that will help you explore the green landscapes. The local cycling club organizes competitions and offers information to visitors.


Papuk has the reputation of the most beautiful mountain of the region. Its slopes are perfect for walks and hikes. It is covered in forests, meadows and creeks and will offer you peace that is unattainable in a busy urban environment. Visit the beautiful villa Velika, village Trenkovo with the old and abandoned castle of the famous baron Trenk, cross over Duboka to Jankovac. Make a trip by the spring of the Velicanka river or admire the panoramic views from Ivacka glava. The most persistent ones should climb the top of the mountain over Plis und Maliscak.

Horse riding

Horses have always been the most important part of life in Slavonia. There are two equestrian clubs in the town. Only ten minutes outside town you will find village Visnjica with a stud farm. Here you can try out riding or just lean the basics about these noble animals. Here one will also help you with the information about horses and riding.

Hunting and fishing

There are five great hunting grounds around Slatina, which testifies to the existence of a beloved tradition. Here one can hunt different game: elk, deer, boar, rabbit, pheasant, wild goose and duck. All the grounds are situated in lush green environments. There are three artificial lakes or ponds in and around Slatina where you can fish and if you desire a more natural space to angle, you can always go to the Drava river. There are a couple of fishing clubs in the area that organize not only fishing competitions but also fish cook-off games.

Slatina Street Art Festival – SAT

In the beginning of June you can enjoy this interesting and modern street festival. During those two days the town streets, parks and squares come alive with movie projections, graffiti art, installations, dancing, acrobatics, concerts and theatre. While you are savoring all the art and culture you can also taste the local delicacies in the streets.

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