Kutjevo Holiday Homes in Croatia

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Kutjevo Holiday Homes in Croatia

Kutjevo is one of the smallest towns in Croatia. It is situated in the center of historic region in Slavonia in the east of continental Croatia, approximately two hours of driving from Zagreb international airport. First mention of Kutjevo is from 1232 when the monks known as „the white friars“ came from Hungary. They established the convent abbey and started cultivating vineyards and producing wine. Most of the monuments and treasures of this area belong to sacred properties, vineyards and wine production.

Church of Virgin Birth in Kutjevo

The Hungarian king sent the mentioned twelve monks to establish the abbey. With the convent the Church of virgin birth was built. During the invasion of the Ottoman empire armies the church was destroyed. The Jesuits rebuilt it during the seventeenth century. Today it still bears its baroque robes with many treasures protected as cultural monument heritage.

Grasevina square and the little vineyard

The main square of this lovely town is named after the queen of wine, Grasevina, a white wine variety belonging to Welschriesling that is grown throughout central Europe. This is one of the favorite places for both visitors and organizers of different manifestations, especially wine events. This is not only the central but also the most beautiful square in town with a tiny vineyard with only a few vines of the famous Grasevina. During the wine festivals the vineyard is decorated by traditional specialties, like sausages. The legend has it that the grapes will be as long as the sausages were. Next to the vineyard there is a barrel with the town’s coat of arms.

Wine cellars Kutjevacki podrumi

In the beginning of the thirteenth century a long tradition started. Today the famous wine cellars are one of the most powerful wine centers in Croatia. Here you will have the opportunity to see the largest Slavonic oak wood barrel with Grasevina. Listen to the legend about the empress Maria Theresa and baron Trenk while you taste some of the best wines in the country.

Ethnological collection Boskovic

Close to the center of the town a winding street will take you to the private collection of family Boskovic in a building older than three centuries. None of the showpieces has been bought and all of them were either collected by Mr. Boskovic or gifted for his collections by different people whose desire was to salvage those items from oblivion. Here you can take a look at different pieces that today only belong to old traditions, like folk robes, crates and even a firelock gun from 1715.

Lipizzan horses and outdoor activities

There used to be exclusively white Lipizzan horses in Kutjevo stables until the stables have completely been relocated to nearby Dakovo. A hundred years ago it used to bring international medals to Kutjevo. This area is not only perfect for horse riding but also for hiking and cycling. If you are looking for outdoor activities, you will not be disappointed in Kutjevo.

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