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Cakovec | Cottages, apartments and villas

Cakovec is the center of Medimurje County that lies between the rivers Mura and Drava in Continental Croatia. If you enjoy hunting or wine, you will like your holidays in an apartment, cottage or a villa in this area. Ancient Roman settlement Aquama in the area of today’s Cakovec was first mentioned in the first century before Common Era. The first mention was about a resting area Insula Muro-Dravana that translates “an island between the rivers Mura and Drava”. Today’s name is probably owed to the name of an ancient tower Csakathurn (Tower of Csak) built in thirteenth century by Dimitrus Csaky, high courtier of king Bela IV.

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Cakovec – the crown of continental gastronomy

During summer time Cakovec is dressed up in the greenest robes, the fall smells of fragrant dried fruits, while in the spring all is in bloom. Medimurje is one of the gastronomically most diverse and autochthonous region that is a blend of Germanic, Hungarian and Slavic influences. Here you will find some of the best restaurants in Continental Croatia. Do not miss trying the gibanica, a special kind of layered cake. Prepare yourself for a holiday of sweet, sour and savory delicacies.

Town Cakovec Day

May 29th is the Town Cakovec Day. The people of the town remember this date from 1579. It was then they got the special privilege of a free market town. During the celebration the town literarily blossoms in all its streets and corners. Due to its neatness and cleanliness Cakovec was awarded the title of the most lovely decorated town of Continental Croatia.

Approachable tourism in Cakovec

What makes this town different in comparison to other towns in Croatia is its attention to those with impaired mobility. The traffic infrastructure was specially adapted: from town exits, pavements in the old town, lowered curbs, traffic lights with audio support, special access to pedestrian crossings. This concern is not only addressed in traffic but also restaurants, cafes, taverns as well as both natural and cultural heritage monuments.

Sports and relaxation

When in Cakovec you will probably see more bicycles than cars. It speaks to the healthy spirit but also of great trails and infrastructure for cyclists. The town is full of sports halls, there is a town pool, football and athletic stadium, adventure mini-golf (first of that kind in Croatia). If you desire traditional golf, disc golf, wellness or thermal pools, visit the nearby village – Sveti Martin na Muri.

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