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Sisak is the largest town and the center of its county in Continental Croatia. Through history it was a center and the leader of industrial development in Croatia, but also milling and baking production have flourished here centuries before as well as river trade and hunting. The area is rich in waters, especially rivers, and forests and is therefore perfect for nature buffs and outdoor activities in green environments. We have never found out the name its oldest inhabitants but the remains of their Celtic fortress, some tools and statuettes were recovered. The Illyrians were suppressed by the Romans. Their town was named Siscia. The Slavic peoples arrived here in the ninth century when the Franks riled the region and named the town Sissek. During the nineteenth century the settlements from both sides of the river Kupa joined into one town.

Sightseeing in Sisak

In Sisak you really need to plan sightseeing because it is rich in historic buildings. We recommend starting at Stari most (Old Bridge) that became the symbol of the town a century ago. Less than half a mile from the old bridge you will see Mali kaptol, one of the oldest houses from the eighteenth century. One of the most beautiful Art Deco or Viennese Secession buildings is the town hall. On Ban Jelacic Square near the old bridge you will see Veliki kaptol, one of the most valuable examples of classicistic architecture un Sisak. Take a stroll down the mile long promenade to the Old town and the fortress from the sixteenth century on the river bank where the great Sisak Battle took place in 1593. Town houses, grain warehouses, schools and military facilities are extremely valuable testimonies of their times. You should definitely not miss visiting archeological park “Siscia in situ”.

Activities and nature

In Sisak you have a great opportunity to combine cultural and historic heritage with water sports or cycling while you are sightseeing. Visit the sites and view the monuments from your bicycle or from a boat. Enjoy hiking, river and cycling routes. One of the more interesting is Route of Industrial Heritage (approximately 20 miles), which passes the buildings that are a part of very important industrial heritage, what makes it culturally and historically relevant. You should definitely visit Nature Park Lonjsko polje. The more experience cyclists will tell you that probably the most beautiful cycling route in Croatia passes through Lonjsko polje, especially its part Sava Route. Sisak itself is a town filled with promenades, arbored walkways, parks and woods. Rent a bicycle, canoe or a boat and try to spot some of the rare birds that reside in this lovely green area.

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