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Did you know that the town of Krizevci is home to the only female military unit in the nineteenth century? The unit traces back to 1848 when Croatian Ban, Josip Jelacic, traveled through Krizevci. The Krizevci born young women were his guard. Nevertheless, it is not just history that is very interesting here. There natural, historic and cultural treasures to be discovered in the area. Lakes, ponds, parks, wine cellars and vineyards await you. It is one of the oldest towns in Continental Croatia, mentioned already in the twelfth century in the records of the Hungarian king. The town became even more important when the Sabor (Croatian parliament) started taking place there. The most famous story about is the so called “Blood Sabor of Krizevci” when king Sigismund arranged Croatian Ban Lackovic to be assassinated. Famous Croatian painter Oton Ivekovic made a painting about the event that you can see in the church of St. Cross in the town’s center.

Where to go and what to do in Krizevci

Of you enjoy peaceful nature, Krizevci and its surroundings are the ideal spot for your holidays. There are plenty of beautiful meadows, pastures, fields, panoramic viewpoints, forests, ponds and lakes. The nearby hill Kalnik offers not only a public mountain hut but also an educational trail on which you can see endemic and rare plants, the ruins of a medieval church of St. Martin and its votive stone, even an archeological site from the Bronze Age. Take a twenty minute drive to village Gornja Rijeka and visit botanical reserve Mali Kalnik. Only a few minutes of walking from the center of the village will take you to waterfall Sokot with a hiking rail with benches and guideposts. Visit panoramic viewpoint “Antung Gustav Matos” on the south access to the town. There is a park in the town itself that is under park architecture protection. Visit the town’s museum, the library that is also under monument protection or the art gallery. The area is perfect for fishing, angling and hunting, but also hiking and cycling. Do not forget that it takes only forty minutes of driving from and to the Zagreb international airport, the largest and busiest in Croatia.

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