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Bjelovar is a town with around thirty thousand souls in the heart of Continental Croatia. It is the center of both its county and diocese. If you view the ton from the air or through satellite imagery, you will easily discern its military origin. It is not often that you have the opportunity in Croatia to see a “perfect” downtown plan. Its rectangular nature testifies about its youth and military “infancy” since it was formed only in the 13th century. Here it is known as the town of cheese due to its multiple centuries long tradition in cheese and other dairy production and later industry. The landscape is mild and hilly with river valleys that have carved their way through the plains. The beautiful settlements are almost completely connected and so seem to be one large village.

Sights in Bjelovar

The symmetrical floorplan with the central town square has been preserved for centuries. Its representable looks of the square park owe their shape to the fact that they are positioned over the crossroads of the two main interregional roads. Here you can see statues, the music pavilion and forty different plant species. The architecture of the town is the true treasure of this area. The façade of the late-baroque cathedral from the eighteenth century and the complex are the most important part of architectural heritage. Visit Town Bjelovar Museum situated on the central square that used to be a town hall. One true pearl of Vienna Secession Movement is the building of Hrvatski Sokol Association and the beautiful Bjelovar Synagogue, one of the rare synagogues in Croatia that were not torn down during the World War II.

Activities in Bjelovar

There are more cycling routes in this area. Some of them are a part of the international cycling routes like Lonjsko Polje – Balaton. The broader area offers even six equestrian clubs, which testifies on the nourished tradition of horse breeding and training. Maybe that would be one of the most unique ways to discover Continental Croatia. The nearby mountain Bilogora offers more dynamic landscapes to explore  on foot or by bicycle, but they are still mild. At the foot of the mountain you will be going by the vineyards, orchards and cornfields, while on the higher parts you will be charmed by the oak forests. Nature and outdoor activists lovers will have a holiday they want.

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