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Bovec | The River Soca

Bovec | Villas, Cottages and Apartments in Slovenia

Bovec is situated in the far northwest of Slovenia, in the north of the lovely green region of Goriska. It borders on Italy and the Italians call it Plezzo while the German name for it is Flitsch. This beautiful wooded area is a combination of a river valley and mountain sceneries. Over the town of Bovec watches the impressive mountain Svinjak (Svitnjak), while the region Gorenjska borders it on the east and north and Italy lies to the west.

Some resorts and destinations are attractive during the summer months, the others are more charming during the winter. In Bovec all seasons are so beautiful and offer different activities for all tastes that it is really difficult to pick the most attractive one. Here one can enjoy the mixture of continental, Mediterranean and alpine climate that makes this area a fairytale feel. The nature and outdoor buffs will have the best holidays in Bovec.

Skiing and golf in Bovec

Only 2.5 miles from the center of the little town of Bovec you will find a nine hole golf court that is almost two miles long. It is surrounded by pristine nature and mountains, among them Kanin with the highest skiing resort in the entire Slovenia. A ski center with a cable car just a bit over two miles from the town’s center. Besides “classical” alpine skiing, cross country skiing and snowboarding, you can enjoy ski paragliding. True fans of joys of winter and snowy adrenaline rushes will try ice waterfall climbing.

Wanderin in Slowenien

Nature around Bovec

The river Soca is the heart and soul of the region of Goriska and especially the area of Bovec. Its emerald and turquoise waters that you see in the photographs really is just that, but we encourage you to see for yourself and be convinced. Not only can you fish in the clearest waters but you can also take a kayak or a canoe down the streams or even set out on a rafting adventure. Are you adventurous enough to try out a zipline over a beautiful scenery filled with different hiking and cycling trails? There is a small sports airport where you can take off to take an air viewing or tandem sky diving.

The mountains and the river Soca valley are on its own gorgeous enough to be worth visiting, but Bovec is much more than that. This is a great place for a relaxing holiday in a natural environment, be it a romantic getaway, a family holiday or an adventure with friends. Search through our offer of villas, cottages and apartments in Goriska and spend a great holiday in Slovenia.