Notranjska | Holiday Homes in Inner Carniola

Notranjska - Predjama Castle - Predjamski grad

Notranjska | Holiday Homes in Inner Carniola

Notranjska is part of the larger historic region of Slovenia - Carniola. The Inner Carniola is famous for its varied landscape, rich in karst caves. You will also find seasonal lakes such as Cerknica and Planina. You will not be bothered by the hustle and bustle of the city, so that your holiday here will recharge your internal batteries, calm you down and provide you with beautiful memories of your holidays in Slovenia. Not without reason, Inner Carniola is called the land of fairy tales and legends.

Postojna and Skocjan Caves

The town of Postojna, close to which is the most famous cave in Slovenia with the same name, is considered to be the tourist capital of this small region. Postojna Cave opened its doors to tourists as early as in the 19th century. There are more than twelve miles of underground corridors and halls, but the trip covers an area of ​​5.5 km, of which the vast majority (2.5 miles) is covered by a special electric train. The remaining stretch of land is traversed on foot. In the cave you can afford not only the attractive and full color of the rock infiltration. The cave is home to many, including unique species of fauna and flora. The Skocjan Caves are less famous but they have been kept in pristine condition so there is more preserved karstic beautify to find there. Only a ten minute drive from the Postojna Cave you will find the most magnificent castle – Predjamski grad.

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Lake Cerknica in Notranjska

Lake Cerknica is a seasonal lake. Water appears here in the late autumn and is sometimes hidden until June. Depending on the abundance of rainfall, the lake can be seen sometimes in the summer. This phenomenon constituted a no-brainer for the former local population, and thus many legends grew around him. Around the lake a regional park was established, which aims to preserve the local nature. Near the lake is a city of the same name, worth visiting the 15th century church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary.

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Just off the Croatian border lies Sneznik, the highest mountain of the limestone plateau, at the same time the highest peak in the Notranjska region. The high plateau of Sneznik is covered with dense spruce-beech forest, making it the second largest forest area in Slovenia. Under the ground are stretched extensive corridors of numerous, interconnected caves. Sneznik is famous for its rich vegetation and was therefore protected by the reserve as early as 1964. The plateau will be the ideal destination for summer hikes as well as for winter skiing on the slopes. The most convenient starting point and ski resort is in the center of the Sviscaki plateau.

Holiday homes to rent in Notranjska

Holidays in Notranjska can be just what you simply dream. The whole country of Slovenia, in spite of its small size, has so much to offer that you will not be able to experience all this while on vacation - here you just have to go back! The holiday home in the Notranjska region will be an ideal base for all your excursions as well as safe asylum and a place to relax after an exciting escape with your villa, apartment or holiday cottage as your starting point.