Slovenian Carinthia | Villas, apartments and cottages

Slovenian Carinthia

Slovenian Carinthia | Villas, apartments and cottages

Slovenian Carinthia (Koroska), just like region Gorenjska, is mostly covered in mountains in the north of Slovenia on the border with Austria. One of the most famous Slovenian athletes, skiing champion Tina Maze, comes from these lovely snowy landscapes. The region belongs to the historic region of Carinthia, the other part of which lies across the border, in Austria. The Austrian influence is reflected in the architecture, cuisine and the fact the everyone knows at least some German.

Visit Museums in Carinthia

In Slovenian Carinthia there are plenty of small and large traditional museums educated to different local specificities. At the museum in Mezica there is a special apian collection. Visit Ravne Castle with the library, a painting collection and a gallery. Other museums that you should not miss are the mill museum Polhov mlin, the Fishing Museum, Rafting museum and the memorial museum Prezihov Voranc named after the pen name of famous Slovenian writer Lovro Kuhar.

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Skiing in Slovenian Carinthia

The larger skiing resorts in Carinthia are Kope and Ribnisko Pohorje, which should not be mistaken for the famous Pohorje near the town of Maribor, Crna na Koroskem, Ivarcko-Ovsen, Poseka and Rimski vrelec. Kope is situated in the western Pohorje above the little town of Slovenj Gradec. Kupe is perfect for those that are true skiing enthusiasts. There are different terrains and slopes at your disposal, from ski runs for beginners to those for true virtuosos. Snow is guaranteed here for at least one hundred days per season. From 1010 m to 1542 m above the sea you can enjoy more than 6.5 km of ski runs, six lifts, a four seat cable car, a cross-country ski trail, tobogganing area and a skiing promenade await you. Ribnisko Pohorje is a true winter resort with an idyllic village and ski runs. Between 721 and 921 m above the sea there are even parts for those that begin at an early age so this could be the perfect spot for young families that enjoy skiing on almost forty acers. Two ski trails, a snow polygon and a total of 2.2 km of different ski runs, from red and blue difficulties to the extreme black ones where the famous competitions take place. Here you can also enjoy night skiing.

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Summer fun in Carinthia

The E6 European long distance path or just E5 path is one of the European long distance paths that enters Slovenia through Carinthia on its way from the Baltic Sea to the Adriatic Sea. The oath goes over Pohorje, the hilly areas on the banks of the river Sava, the Slovenian Dinaric Alps, Adriatic Seand and all the way to Greece. There are beautiful woodlands here, some of the most beautiful in the entire Slovenia. Those that enjoy hunting and fishing can acquire their licenses locally. This region is perfect for those that enjoy fresh evenings even in the hottest summer months.

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