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Zasavska | Holiday Homes in Slovenia

Zasavska or Zasavje is one of the smallest and loveliest regions in Slovenia. It is situated northeast of Central Slovenia and southwest of Savinjska. The smallest regional unit in the country contains only three areas: Trbovlje, Hrastnik and Zagorje ob Savi.

Trbovlje in Zasavska

Trbovlje is the largest town of this region but it still does not count over twenty thousand souls of which only each tenth lives in an urban environment. Most of this hilly area is rural or natural. Only two centuries ago one would only find small settlements and remote farms here, but then the development started with coal mining. Different mining and industrial facilities spread over the valley and today you can still see the grim monuments of that era. There are some interesting remnants of residential colonies for the workers as well as the highest chimney not only in Slovenia but in entire Europe, the seventh highest in the world – the chimney of power plant Trbovlje, which is 360 meters high. The region has it to thank for it clean air.


The small town of Hrastnik also has its mining-industrial mark. Glass crafting has very much developed here, as well as in some other parts of eastern Slovenia. The glass crafters cherish the centuries old tradition. They even have their own wind orchestra that makes a Christmas-New year’s concert each year. Just across the grass craft you can see Villa de Seppi or Glasswork mansion that is a replica of the imperial castle Miramare in Trieste, Italy. It used to belong to Trieste family Seppi that were the owners of the ceramics factory.

Zagorje ob Savi

The smallest and most western are in this region has the most beautiful green market in its center. If you visit Zagorje ob Savi in August, do not miss the town day on August 9. It is a true celebration with different performances and reenactments of one of the most important battles of the World War 2. If you notice a straight line on the streets if the town in direction north-south it is the well-marked fifteenth meridian.

This hilly landscape filled with vineyards and orchards invites you to explore it. Visit regional parks Kum and Mrzlica. Many would agree that mountain Sveta Planina is one of the most beautiful alpine sceneries if not in entire Slovenia then definitely in Zasavska. Search through our offer of villas, apartments and cottages and book your dream holiday in Slovenia!