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Bohinj | Holiday Villas, Cottages and Apartments

Until you have seen Bohinj with your own eyes, you will neither believe nor comprehend its immense beauty. In the middle of a valley in the Julian Alps, in the heart of the only Slovenian national park, in Gorenjska region, you will find not only most beautiful but the largest natural lake in Slovenia. Triglav National Park is one of the most impressive alpine national parks in Europe and one of the oldest.


Pokljuka is an elevated karst plateau on the eastern edge of Trigalv National Park. It is covered in spruce forests and meadows. On the edges of the vast woodlands you can still see grazing animals. When you visit this fairy tale place be sure to take a sip of home made yoghurt, mountain milk butter and cheese. There are numerous marked hiking and mountaineering trails going through Pokljuka near Bohinj that are suitable for great outdoor fun during all seasons. In winter there is a think snow cape that creates a scenery for all sorts of professional and amateur winter sports competitions, like the IBU Cup Biathlon Pokljuka.

Putovanje Bohinj


During the summer Vogel is a lovely mountain with lush green canopies, bushes and grass and in winter it turns into a natural mountain ski resort with the longest ski slope in entire Slovenia.  There are not many places in Gorenjska or the country where you can enjoy such a spectacular view of the Julian Alps with mount Triglav. Vogel is 1923 m high and it is not often that you have the opportunity to ski in a national park. Besides being a beloved summer and winter destination, Vogel offers you a gondola lift, which skiers also use, to reach Rjava skala (“brown rock”) at an elevation of 1535 meters above sea level, from where you can take a panoramic view of the valley and the beautiful lake Bohinj.

Kuće za odmor Bohinj

Lake Bohinj

This is the largest natural and permanent lake in Slovenia. It main water supply is the astonishingly beautiful waterfall Savica, which measures almost eighty meters. The source of the waterfall are two subterranean lakes. After big rains the karst area cannot take in all the surplus water and so the waterfall reaches its full size. Even though this lake is maybe lass famous than it neighbor in Bled but maybe even more valuable to visit because there will less other visitors you you will be able to soak in all the beauty left behind a former glacier. There is a great network of hiking paths, ice climbing and free climbing. In summer you can enjoy a little beach, take a swim, row a boat (motor boats are not allowed) or have fun on an electric jet ski. Walk to the bridge and the church of John the Baptist Church on the southwest shore of the lake.

In 1967 Agatha Christie stayed in Bohinj with her husband sir Max Mallowan. She was sightseeing the national park and stipulated that Bohinj and its valley are too beautiful for murder. Find your perfect holiday home in Bohinj and have the best time in Slovenia!