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Izola, or Isola d'Istria in Italian, is a beautiful, picturesque Mediterranean town in Slovenia's Coast and Karst region just east of Piran and west of Koper, the capital of the region. If you ask anyone about Izola, they will tell your about great pebble beaches, colorful facades on Mediterranean architecture rimming the narrow streets and the smell of pine trees. The climate is a pleasant mixture of influences from the Alps, the karst and the Adriatic Sea. The historical influences are also very present and influential: the Romans, medieval rulers and the republic of Venice.

The Adriatic coast of Slovenia is only thirty miles long but it will offer you unexpected beauties. Izola is one of the loveliest pearls with its rich history revolving around fishing and fishery industry. It used to be an island and has always been a special place. Today it is not only connected to the mainland but to its fishery roots. Everything here is about the sea: the activities, the industry and, of course, gastronomy.

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Izola’s Orange Wine

Maybe you believe that there are only three main types of wines: red, white and rosé, but there are also orange wines. Even though Izola is famous for its rosé and its reds and whites are also tremendous wines, lately all the talk of the town has been about the fantastic aromatic orange wine. Do not be afraid: there is no orange juice in it. It is not a posh novelty, but an ancient technique used during must fermentation. If you take a walk in Izola’s green and grey hinterland, you will see the slopes full of, where the warm winds blow from the sea. Make sure you arrange a viewing of local wine cellars and vineyards with the local winemakers.

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Izola Beaches

The coast of Izola is two miles long and there are even eight different beaches at your disposal: some are urbanized, the others natural and wild, sandy coves, dog beach, beach with wheelchair access and an archeological site beach. Between Koper and Izola you will find the largest beach of the region of Coast and Karst and in its underwater realm you will find the transoceanic ship wreck – Rex – that sunk in 1944.

If you are looking for a sunny place for a family beach holiday with interesting hinterland, pick Izola and you will not make a mistake. We offer you a selected choice of holiday villas, cottages and apartments in Izola, Slovenia.