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Dubrovnik villas

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A visit to Dubrovnik is like taking a step back in time and so is perfect for any history enthusiasts who may be hoping to immerse themselves in the rich Croatian history. Our NOVASOL Dubrovnik villas welcome you and your loved ones to this warm and tranquil city in Croatia. Located on the Adriatic Sea, this ancient city is located on the extreme south of Croatia. Dubrovnik is one of the most visited and notable tourist resort locations on the Mediterranean Sea, and is additionally a major seaport. Nicknamed the “Pearl of the Adriatic”, Dubrovnik is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, since 1979.

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The city was built on maritime trading; in the Middle Ages it developed into the only city-state in the Adriatic sea to rival the importance of the city of Venice. Additionally, its cosmopolitan nature made the city one of the centers of development of Croatian literature and language, being the home to many scholars, painters, playwrights, mathematicians, and physicists. Nowadays, Dubrovnik is most known for being an elite tourist destination and one of the most picturesque towns in the Mediterranean region of southern Europe.

Culture and history to explore from your villas in Croatia

Post-war restoration has put Dubrovnik back on the map as one of Europe's most beautiful and enchanting cities. Explore the historic center from your chosen villas in Croatia. Rather deservedly, it appears on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites and there is no shortage of important and fascinating sights to see. We would recommend taking a stroll around the ancient city walls, which you can do at your own pace for a small fee. If you are worn out after all that sight-seeing, then you are never too far away from one of the stunning beaches of Southern Dalmatia - known for their crystal clear waters.

Explore this cultural hotspot from our Dubrovnik villas

Our villas in Croatia are perfectly located for you and your loved ones to be able to enjoy the best of this region. From our Dubrovnik villas you can make simple and easy one day excursions from the city center, including: the town of Cavtat, the Elaphiti Islands, Kovavle valley, and Montenegro or Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina.Within the city, there are many attractions that are easily accessible from our Dubrovnik villas. We highly recommend visiting Dubrovnik’s city walls, especially for you Game of Thrones fans! The walls were one the aspects of the city that qualified it for the UNESCO listing, with good reason; the building began in the 600s, made of stunningly impressive limestone. It takes only an hour to make the full trip along the wall and the battlements, were you and enjoy amazing panoramas of the city, with the Adriatic sea as the background. 

After visiting the city walls, make sure to spend some time in the Old Town, located ideally near our Dubrovnik villas. Start at Placa, Dubrovnik’s main street, to explore all the Old Town’s little alleyways and shops. Near the main street is the city’s cathedral, an amazing example of Dubrovnik’s baroque architecture. The interior works of the cathedral are equally impressive, boasting works from Italian and Croatian artists from the year 1000 to 1700. 

Our Dubrovnik villas are also ideally located near the city’s cable cars, where you can get amazing views of the city and the Adriatic from the crest of Mount Srd. Further outside the city, you can catch a ferry to Lokrum Island, an island covered entirely in a deep green pine-tree forest. Take a nice walk through the island to discover nature, and – if you’re lucky – see the peacocks brought to the island in the 19th century by an Austrian duke. With so many things to do from our Dubrovnik villas, you and your loved ones are bound to have an amazing holiday in the Pearl of the Adriatic!

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NOVASOL offers a fantastic portfolio of accommodation in areas all across Croatia. These range from luxurious villas to cozy apartments close to attractions. Our star rating system and search criteria will allow you to narrow down search results and find the ideal property to suit all your needs. Each of our holiday villas in Croatia has been visited by a NOVASOL representative to ensure that it lives up to our exacting quality standards.