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The town of Tivat and the area along the Tivat Riviera is one of the most beautiful places to stay in Montenegro. Tivat is a very charming town, beautifully situated by the bay of Kotor. Tivat is visited every year by many pleasure sailors who cruise around the many islands both in Montenegro and Croatia. The port of Tivat was previously used by warships, and is now home to big yachts. Relax here and discover the delights of Montenegrin cuisine, including grilled fish or cuttlefish risotto, with a relaxing view of the water.

Tivat Riviera

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Your holiday home on Tivat Riviera

The holiday homes and apartments rented by NOVASOL holiday rentals on Tivat Riviera are widely different. You can both vacation in a very classic stone house or opt to stay in villas with a private pool outside the city center. There are also several holiday apartments in Tivat which are perfect for those who travel for two and therefore do not need much space. A few of the holiday homes lie directly down to the water where you can start your holiday with a nice swim before eating breakfast on the terrace. Other Montenegro villas and apartments are located in the green countryside with the most beautiful views of the area.

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Take a trip to Budva and out to sea

From your holiday home in Tivat there are countless exciting experiences. Take a trip to the city of Budva, which is beautifully surrounded by cliffs and with lovely beaches on both sides of the city. Here you can enjoy the beautiful blue sea and have a cool swim before continuing the tour of Budva. You should also remember to experience the old town of Budva, which is a beautiful mix of cobbled pedestrian streets, several churches, shops, eateries and the ancient fortress wall.

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Island hopping in Tivat

There are many possibilities for taking different day trips from Tivat. From the port of Tivat you can sail to beautiful islands and around the bay. These tours are often day trips where you come to islands Ostrvo cvijeca. There are also trips to the city of Kotor. The old town of Kotor has been on UNESCO's list of the world's cultural heritage since 1979, souse the opportunity to visit the city with its many beautiful monuments, churches, cathedrals, palaces and museums. The narrow streets complete it all with a very charming atmosphere. Whether you go on an island trip or go to Kotor, it is wonderfully refreshing with a trip out to sea when the sun is high in the sky.

Rent a car and explore at your leisure in Tivat

If you rent a car, there are more exciting places to visit near Tivat from your Montenegro apartments. Take for example the very nice fishing village of Bigovo, located five miles from Tivat. Bigovo is still a fishing village to this day, where both old fishing methods and new ones are used. On your trip to Bigovo you can enjoy the beautiful green landscape, where old stone houses emerge between olive trees and small parks.

Beach holiday in Tivat

On the Tivat Riviera you, will find 17 lovely beaches that invite you to bask in pure relaxation in the area’s beautiful climate. In the very city of Tivat, most beaches are connected to the hotels, but along the bay there are many good standalone beaches that you can access from your self-catering Montenegro accommodation. Beach Plavi Horizonti is considered to be the most attractive beach along the Montenegrin coast. The beach is located in the southern part of the Tivat bay. The beach is very popular with families with children who enjoy the shallow water dives on the beach. The beach is used both by tourists and locals – in high season it will be brimming with people! At the beach there are restaurants so you do not have to worry about bringing food – just sit back, have fun and relax!

Unique cliff beaches

Another lovely beach is Seljanovo. The beach has a slightly different atmosphere than the other beaches because of the cliffs that are prominent in the area. At this beach, there are several restaurants, and if you want to take a small boat trip, pedal boats can be rented. It is also possible to take a boat trip on the bay. Of course, you may also be tempted to go swimming here, or even snorkeling in the crystal clear water - which has to be one of the most popular things to do in Montenegro.

Relaxing on Tivat Riviera

On the peninsula Lustica, you can also immerse yourself in the beautiful sea while relaxing and feeling the sunrays on your skin. On the peninsula, you are met with an incredibly beautiful coastline, full of several good beaches, such as the Oblatno beach. Here you can also enjoy a lively beach environment based on the Almara Beach Club. There are also many good restaurants on the Lustica peninsula. Rent our Montenegro villas or apartments and all this will be in the palm of your hand and more.