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Bar Riviera

Bar Riviera | Holiday Villas, Apartments and Cottages

The Bar Riviera in Montenegro on the east coast of the Adriatic Sea has always been a place where different cultures met and mixed. The locals consider it a main gateway to the resto of the world, since here you will find an international ferry port with regular connections to the city of Bari in Italy across the Adriatic. On the other side of the region lies lake Skadar (also known as Lake Scutari, Lake Shkoder and Lake Shkodra). The largest town of the area is Bar and if you continue along the coast in direction of southeast, you will reach the lovely Ulcinj and its incredible beaches. The closest international airport is in the capital, Podgorica, the second in the coastal Tivat. The international in the Albanian capital Tirana is also only two hours of driving away.

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Beaches and fortresses in Bar Riviera

The Bar Riviera will offer you plenty of pebble and even sandy beaches. Near Ulcinj lies the longest sandy beach on the Adriatic Sea: Velika plaza that is almost nine miles long. It is situated just next to the estuary of the Bojana river and the islet Bojana (Ada Bojana). One of the most magnificent historic sites here is Stari Bar near Bar. The name translates as “Old Bar”. The location just 2.5 miles from the coast was perfect not only for its natural position that is easily defended but also for its fresh water spring. Six miles outside Bar you will find the remains of fortress Nehaj and its rich history.

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What to do in Bar Riviera

Bar is known as the city of youth and the town of sporting activities. Everyone can use the town’s sports and recreation center. During the summer months the most favorite are the water sports. There are many diving centers and clubs that provide not only entertainment for the divers but also take part in environmental and ecological projects and are important members of the community. If you visit Bar during the winter months, you will probably witness athletes and clubs from all over Europe making preparations on the both sea and lake shores. Ulcinj is also very popular among hikers and sea lovers. You can take part in all sorts of activities especially near the Bojana estuary. There are many hiking trails here of different difficulty levers ranging from 1.5 up to 8 miles in length. There are more than ten professional wine cellars in and around Bar. There are cafes and restaurants along the coast of the entire region. Just remember that the pace is a bit slower here so slow down your tempo and enjoy yourself in Montenegro.

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The town of Ulcinj

Ulcinj has its own charm because here you will not encounter mass tourism. The accommodation here is mostly villas, apartments and cottages, which helps to feel at home almost immediately, at home with lovely beaches and incredible number of sunny days. When you feel like you need something more, visit Ulcinj Museum placed in a building that used to be a church and then turned into a mosque by the Ottomans. St Nicholas Church will offer you beautiful frescos and an olive grove.

Skadar Lake

Northeast of Bar Riviera you will find the Skadar Lake. It is the largest lake not only in Montenegro but the entire Balkan peninsula. The Montenegrin part of the shore and the lake have been declared a national park. Since 1996 the lake has been a protected marsh area. The autochthonous flora and fauna have been preserved due to the unchanged environment. The lake shoreline is dynamic, full of bays, peninsulas and islets, but there is also incredible cultural and historic heritage to discover: fortress Lesendro or fort Grmozur and many magnificent buildings that were used as monasteries. There is a special place in the heart of Montenegrins for the remains of the city of Obod where the first book about Montenegro was printed in 1494. You will be enthralled by the charming abandoned villages like Radus, Krnjice, Poseljani and Karuc where once people lived on fishing nets.

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