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 Sicily villas with NOVASOL 

Our Sicily villas welcome you and your loved ones to Italy’s largest island! Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, and is one of Italy’s 20 regions. This region is also an autonomous one, and is referred to officially as Regione Siciliana. It’s capital city is Palermo, with its most prominent landmark being Mount Etna, the tallest active volcano in Europe. Sicily is well known for its tepid and warm climate, making it an incredibly popular tourist destination for many years. 

Sicily villas

NOVASOL Sicily Villas – Places to visit 

Our Sicily villas span throughout the island, making visiting the many towns and villages there a breeze. 

We highly recommend visiting the towns of Taormina and Castelmola, two towns in the northeastern part of Sicily. A popular tourist location for over 200 years, both of these towns are beautiful to visit. Both towns are mazes of honey-colored streets, where you can enjoy the town’s many pasticcerias and gelaterias. Both of the town are 100s of meters above sea level, providing great opportunities to view the island’s volcanic scenery from incredible heights, often above the clouds. You can access these towns easily by car or bus, although we recommend using the buses as the roads are often difficult to navigate. Additionally, our villas in San Vito lo Capo are a great place to visit, located in northwestern Sicily.

Moving on, a trip to our Sicily villas is not complete without a visit to Mount Etna, the second most active volcano in the world. Visiting Etna is easy for all levels of activity you desire, as all part of the volcano are easily accessible.  At the base of the volcano, there are many tourist shops, restaurants, and hotels. Additionally, there’s a cable car station where you can scale Etna up to 2,900 meters. It costs around 30 euros for a round trip -the views are definitely worth more than the price!

Our Sicily villas are also in close proximity to the Valley of Temples in Agrigento. It is the setting of the story of Icarus, a man who created wax-crafted wings to escape from the island of Crete with his father Daedalus. As he flew too close to the sun, against is father’s strongly worded advice, the wax wings melted and the fell to the sea and drowned. His mourning father sought sanctuary in Agrigento, where he built the Temple of Apollo in the god’s honor.  More recently, this city has become UNESCO-listed, with an archaeological park full of seven temples.

With so much to do near our NOVASOL Sicily villas, you and your family are bound to have an unforgettable holiday!