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Our NOVASOL Sardinia villas invite you and your loved ones to one of the Mediterranean's most iconic islands. Sardinia is Europe's answer to a Caribbean island, with its long sandy beaches, tropical vegetation, the clear blue sea and warm climate. Lean back, close your eyes and just enjoy the sounds and smells of the paradise island.

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Once your arrive on the island, we highly recommend going sailing. With a beautiful coastline and year-round persistent winds, Sardinia is prime real estate for any nautical enthusiast. Our Sardinia villas are in close proximity to several harbors from where you can sent sail around the island, as well as to various protected bays to pass away some relaxing hours in the sun. With several companies offering chartered sailboats and personnel to assist in traveling around the island, this is the ultimate method to enjoy the amazing Sardinian sea. 

While staying in our Sardinia villas, there are many sites to visit. Visit the fishing village, Stintino, if you would like to do activities such as cycling, diving, horse riding and golf. For the ultimate nature experience, you should take the train to Trentino Verde passing forests, lakes, picturesque mountains and unspoilt nature. This journey truly is one to remember. Explore the islands unique history – visit the Nuraghe fortress, some of the many old villages, or the temples.

Additionally, one of the nicest things to do while staying in our Sardinia villas is to explore the smaller islands located off its coast. Sant' Antioco is one of the more accessible islands, as you can reach it from the mainland via a bridge. This island if some to some lively fishing villages. It's packed with nice beaches, and is connected to the nearby island of Carloforte, which you can reach by ferry.  Further up north, on the east coast of the island, you can visit the La Maddalena archipelago. The archipelago has a myriad of picturesque beaches, and is widely considered to be the best place to visit in Sardinia. Additionally, one of the islands in the archipelago, Caprera, is where the house of Garibaldi, one of the most prominent figures in Italian history.

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Local food

The local food is simple and delicious. Taste the traditional Sardinian suckling pig, the Carasau bread or fresh lobster cooked in the Alghero way. You can also eat freshly caught tuna and clams. The locals also love their almond and honey cupcakes. Locally produced wine is also popular. Bring some of this food back to your holiday rental in Sardinia and enjoy a relaxing evening eating traditional Sardinian food.

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Sardynia noclegi