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Vodnjan is a town in the southeast of Istria just shy of ten miles from the ancient town of Pula and the region’s largest town with the international airport. According to a legend it developed from seven villas that were a part of the colonial ager of Pula. To be able to fend off the influences of their more powerful neighbors the seven villas joined their forces and a town arose. Take a stroll through its old town that preserved its spirit of history in its stone streets and ancient facades. In the rural parts you can see old and restored sheepherders’ round stone cottages, the so called kazuni. They are silent witnesses of the way of life that has marked this peninsula for millennia. All around the countryside you can see olive groves and vineyards that have lingered here for as long as people have. The locals speak in their own unique dialect that is unique and historically mysterious. Vodnjan is known not only for it bilingual culture but also for its mummies of saints in St. Blaz Church, great wines and high quality olive oil.

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Outdoor activities in Vodnjan

There are plenty of sports and recreational activities offers in Vodnjan area. Hiking, cycling, horse riding, golf, tennis and diving are available to sport fans. Explore shipwrecks, try fishing, beach volleyball or just enjoy the sunny weather.

Fun in Vodnjan

Be sure to visit New Olive Oil Days and enjoy tasting different “young” olive oil in the region. Here you can sample not only Istrian oils but from the broader Adriatic region. There are more festivals in Vodnjan during the summer time: Lavender Festival, Bumblebee Feast, International Folk Festival Leron and Slatko ljeto (Sweet Summer Festival) where you can taste traditional desserts. Why not take a boat trip to Brijuni National Park or visit Istria’s inland?


It is only 3 miles from the center of Vodnjan to the next beaches on the west coast of Istria around Fazana and Peroj. In Fazana you will even find a lovely beach that welcomes dogs. The beaches and coves are rocky, babble and concrete with lush Mediterranean vegetation surrounding them. Take a swim while you take in the pine tree perfumed air.



St Blaz Church – its size and dome height of 25 meters make it the largest parish church in Istria.

Mummies in St. Blaz – behind the large altar there are three mummies of saints and relics of two further ones.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel – renascence church.

St. James (Jakov) Church – is considered the oldest sacral building in town (9th century) although there is no exact documentation.

Family Bettica Palace – also known as Kastel, built around 1300, today a museum.

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