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The area of today’s Novigrad in Istria, Croatia has been inhabited since ancient times. Numerous traces, monuments and archeological sites are witnesses of different eras. This settlement has been a town even in those days. There are documents that mention the town as Neaopolis in the seventh and Civitas Nova in the ninth century. Due to its location on a small peninsula and fertile fields in the hinterland it often found itself on the intersection of historic events.

Today Novigrad is a small fishing town with plenty of offers for visitors, rich cultural and historic heritage, pristine Istrian gastronomy, beautiful coastline, clear sea and outdoor activity possibilities. There are four more settlements  that belong to the town: Antenal, Buzinija, Dajla and Mareda.

Stroll down the western part of the old town and enjoy the most magnificent sunset in these parts. Visit other towns and villages in Istria.

Novigrad, Istria

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Outdoor activities in Novigrad

There are more beautiful town and suburban locations that offer tennis courts, soccer terrains with real and artificial grass, beach volleyball courts and other sports fields. Watersports are available for all generations as well as the hiking and cycling trails. All fans of active holidays will be glad to have visited Novigrad.

Culture and festivals

Pelagius is the saint patron of Novigrad and he is celebrated for four days in the end of August (25-28). There are street festivities, performances, folklore, singing and dancing typical of these parts. There is an interesting and unique festival of different genres: blues, jazz and soul – Cittanova Music Nights, where you will have the pleasure of listening to many famous international performers. There is one casino in the town and a few clubs.

Aktywne wakacje na Istrii


The most popular beach is called Sirena and is situated in a campsite. You can choose from pebble beaches, concrete plateaus and rocky coasts.

Sightseeing in Novigrad

  • St Mary, St Maximilian and St Pelagius Church – built in 15th and 16th century built on foundations on the old basilica

  • St Anthony Church – gothic building, renovated in 17th century, the only preserved local rural medieval church

  • Belveder – the only coastal fortification of that type in entire Istria, probably built during the 16th century, renovated in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s

  • Lapidarium – museum of stone art with monuments of national significance

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