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Have you heard of the wonderful region of Istria? Take the road less travelled and explore this wonderful location which is equal parts instilled with cosmopolitan facilities, natural beauty and a fascinating historic past. The town of Umag is beautifully located between two deep bays that frame the sandstone houses of the historic town. A lovely mosaic of colors emerges here as the beautiful blue of the bay waters contrasts with white from the sails of the many yachts arriving. Visitors of our Croatia holiday villas in Umag will find a large selection of wonderful dining establishments, exciting local shops, and an international style shopping mall.


Umag is a good bet for your next holiday!

Umag has reason to be proud of the fine and well-proportioned casino in town which is visited by professionals, many tourists and gamblers every year. We understand this is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if all the sun and sea has you feeling lucky, why not give it a whirl? If your interest is less in gambling, and more in nature and sports activities, the area near our holiday homes Croatia also offers fantastic angling and good opportunities for hunting. Something everyone can agree on (and it’s never risky) is the quality of food here. If you are a fan of seafood, try walking down the seafood promenade, which is laced with freshly supplied restaurants. If you book with NOVASOL, you also have the option of grilling up some fresh produce from the comfort of your gorgeous Umag villas in Istria.​


Active Umag holidays

Umag is a fantastic destination for sports enthusiasts and those visitors who are lovers of the great outdoors. On several accounts, Umag even allows you to combine the two! Almost every imaginable sport is represented here, and especially tennis. At last count there were a staggering total of 64 playing courts. Umag in west Istria is certainly a sports lover’s paradise. Basketball, football and mini golf are all on offer. If you want to get active with some of the greatest holiday homes Croatia has to offer, rent from NOVASOL. Our Croatia holiday apartments and holiday homes come in many sizes and varieties. No matter which home you select, we guarantee it will be comfortable, and of good quality. On our website you can search day or night, all year round, for holiday homes all over Europe, in your favorite region.