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Tinjan, a fort town know in the ancient Rome as Attinianum, was a border town guarding the Porec ager. The Romans used it to guard the area from the inland that was not completely under the roman rule. During the sixteenth century it became a real town, not only a fort any more. Today it guards its history through its material and immaterial heritage: stone walls, folklore dances, storytelling, blacksmith crafts architecture and pristine gastronomy. You should not miss visiting the Istrian prosciutto festival.

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Activities in Tinjan

Istria’s inland is perfect for sports and other outdoor activities. The beautiful nature welcomes all that admire hilly landscapes of Istria’s hinterland. This area is perfect for cycling. There is a marked cycling trail (ca. 20 miles) that connects springs and restored watering holes that are actual monuments of this area. Here you can not only cycle, but also hike, climb and fish in these meadows and hills.


Culture in Tinjan

The most known festival here is the mentioned International Prosciutto Fair. Another important date is Europe Day when a traditional stone wall from Kringa to Tinjan is being built. Every participant can put one stone in the wall and they will receive a certificate. There are plenty of taverns and restaurants to visit and you will find local and seasonal specialties everywhere. Take a tour of the towns of Istria and experience the true spirit of this unique peninsula.


Tinjan lies approximately 15 miles from the coast of Porec and all its fun contents. Visit the pebble and rocky beaches of the west coast of Istria near Porec.



  • Stone table with ten stone chairs used to be used to elect the village leader.
  • The local church from the 18th century is an example of late baroque in Istria.
  • Statute of St. John Nepomuk, saint patron of bridge builders
  • Romanic church of St. Cross on Calvary with belfry
  • Villa Depiera from 1670
  • Belvedere near Drage with panoramic views of the valley in direction of Kringa

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