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Premantura is the place for you if you want to avoid crowds and spend a holiday indulging in ultimate relaxation. NOVASOL have many beautiful and inexpensive Croatia holiday homes in this area, several of them with private swimming pools. Premantura is a stunning village in the south of Istria, and recently has gained a second lease on life as a tourist destination. The town can trace its history back for centuries, all the way to the time when the Romans were colonizing the area. Today you can still see several ancient ruins from those days, but the main attractions for many visitors are the lovely villas in Croatia, the relaxed lifestyle, and the amazing swimming opportunities.

The beautuful Premantura and cape Kamenjak

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Premantura is a picturesque town with just a few hundred residents. But this area is not just pretty face – it was already settled during the Bronze Age and so visitors of our holiday rentals in Croatia may still delight in the ruins left here from the Roman period. Here was a beautiful statue of Minerva was also found, which is preserved today in the Archaeological Museum of Pula. NOVASOL also have lovely villas in Pula. The coast off Premantura bends and twists, creating a row of very beautiful little bays around its peninsula that are ideal for day trips. In the village there are several well-stocked stores, banks, clinics and souvenir shops. The area is also well known for shellfish of the highest quality and guests who are interested in culinary pursuits will enjoy exploring this fresh and rich cuisine.

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Exploring Premantura’s beautiful landscape

NOVASOL’s villas in Istria are all situated in a variety of locations, but by staying in Premantura, you guarantee easy access to the clear sea and attractive landscape. This area has rare flora which is protected by the government, so it isn’t overdeveloped with holiday resorts and hotels. The most popular feature of Premantura is the long and narrow peninsula called Kamenjak, which is about 9.5 km long, 1.5 km wide, and extends like a long arm into the Adriatic Sea. It is one of the last oases of the coastal state, which has preserved its original appearance. A mosaic of cultivated fields, pastures and green woods, with the intense blue of the sea determine the landscape.

Premantura Coastline