Mljet Island I Croatia holiday lettings

Remarkably, the island of Mljet in the south of Dalmatia has forest coverage of 90%, possibly making it the greenest and, according to some, the most beautiful island in the entire Adriatic. For this reason it is particularly worth a visit on your Croatia self-catering holidays. To protect the local flora and fauna on the western part of the island, in 1960 approximately one hundred square meters was declared a national park. The most beautiful parts of Mljet National Park are the two lakes Malo Jezero and Veliko Jezero, which are connected via a 30 meter channel. Veliko Jezero is also connected to the sea.

Mljet Island

Croatia self-catering holidays – history of Mljet

The island has a fascinating history as a possible island where St. Paul was stranded. There is a cave on the island where, according to the legend, ancient Greek hero Ulysses (Odysseus) spend the seven years of love with nymph Calypso. In the 14th century, Mljet was an Illyrian pirates’ island, as free municipality with its own statutes and it was annexed several times! In 1151, Mljet came into the possession of the Benedictines, who founded the beautiful island monastery of St. Mary. The monastery was dissolved in 1809 and expropriated in 1945. Fifteen years later it became a hotel, but by 1998 it was once again a church and convent. Be sure to pay this peaceful place from your Croatia holiday homes to rent.

Exploring Croatia self-catering with family

You won’t be short of entertaining family activities on Mljet. Stop for a picnic at the entrance to the park, before taking a boat out to the island, renting bikes or even going kayaking. Bathing in the two salt lakes is an exciting prospect for children and a relaxing experience for adults. The salt content in the water makes swimming easy, whilst it also has healing properties. Be sure to take a dip in this wonderful water on your Croatia self-catering holidays, which can reach temperatures of up to 27 ° C.

Mljet Island

Mljet - a genuine island paradise

Perhaps on the boat journey over from your Croatia holiday lettings, you might be lucky enough to spot the very rarely sighted Mediterranean monk seal. There are also wild boars, deer, rabbits, lizards, birds and even mongooses, which were introduced to the island to eliminate snakes many years ago. In the oxygen-rich, healthy environment there live only 1,200 inhabitants that are distributed in small towns, with gardens and olive groves. This island is remarkably natural and undeveloped, allowing wildlife to thrive. If you are looking for Croatia holiday homes to rent near an environmental paradise, visit Mljet and enjoy the lakes, bays, pine forests, caves and coves.