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Kornati is a beautiful island group in Dalmatia. It lies between the region of Zadar in the north and Sibenik in the south. During the warmer months there are ship connections from Murter. There are no regular ferry lines. It takes you less than an hour drive from Zadar international airport and not even an hour and a half from the largest coastal airport in Croatia, Split. Did you know that Kornati is the densest island group in the entire Mediterranean? Since there is no precise definition of what island is, the summ of these islands is agreed upon as around 150.

Kornati and the National park

The name of the largest island is Kornat with the highest peak of 235 meters. All the islands are owner privately, mostly by the people from the villages Murter and Betina  on the island of Murter that is connected to the mainland by a bridge in the village of Tisno. But it is not the larger islands that that make Kornati recognizable – it is the little islands on the aerial photos that take your breath away. The surface of the islands is almost lunar. The owners used to burn the vegetation so they turn into pastures for sheep and little patches of land for cultivation. You will see small groups of trees here and there, mostly next to lonesome buildings. The islands are crisscrossed by stone walls that are just high enough so sheep cannot jump over them and wide enough so the strong winter winds do not tear them down. There are also miniature interesting rectangular olive groves enveloped by the mentioned stone walls positioned in the most unlikely places. Even though the islands are privately owner, 89 of them are situated within Kornati National Park. On some larger islands you will find a small marina and some seasonal restaurants. The supplies are to be acquired in advance on the mainland or on Murter.

Kornati Islands

Active holidays

Kornati will offer you crystal clear sea, peace, quiet and chirping crickets. These islands are ideal for a romantic getaway or simply for enjoying a simple holiday far away from the civilization and traffic noise. There are no roads nor cars here and your pets and children will be safe from traffic accidents and free to play at will. The area is perfect for boat trips and diving that is allowed only in organized groups. Get your local fishing license in advance and catch your own dinner.

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