Konavle | Holiday Homes in the South of Croatia

Konavle is a beautiful area in the very south of Dalmatia on the eastern Adriatic shore in Croatia. Here you will enjoy sunny days, interesting Mediterranean landscapes and the open sea. We offer you villas, holiday cottages and apartments that will offer you a getaway from the noise of everyday life and fill your batteries with the energy of the sunny south. The little town of Cavtat is the largest settlement if Croatia’s most southern county on the border with both Montenegro and Bosnia and Hercegovina. The Dubrovnik Republic has bought this area in the fifteenth century and so Konavle became a part of the current Dubrovnik Riviera. Natural beauties and rich culture make this area worth experiencing. The international airport in Cilipi is only minutes of driving away.

Cavtat in Konavle

Konavle Landscapes

The holiday homes in Konavle are located away from the crowds of urban environments. Apart from the beautiful coastline with numerous coves, bays, peninsulas and islets, Konavle hides a wonderful field in its hinterland. Here you can enjoy the tastiest meals in traditional restaurants and treat yourself to a glass of local wine. The mountain ranges separate Konavle from Bosnia and Hercegovina and Montenegro. Almost one third of the area is covered in green woodlands that create a colorful collage with the grey of the karst and the blue of the sea. This area is perfect for all that enjoy long walks, hiking, cycling and similar outdoor activities.

Cavtat in Konavle

History of Konavle

This area has had human settlements since Paleolithic. There is archeological evidence of the Illyrian settlements. After them came the Romans, the Avars and finally the Slavs that are here today. The Dubrovnik Republic ruled the area up until the end of the Republic by Napoleon. The Austrian-Hungarian rule afterwards ended with the establishment of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in the twentieth century. In Konavle one will find a rich cultural heritage with the folks costume and its special motif. The name stems from the Latin word for channels (canalis) since the Romans made an irrigation network.

Cavtat in Konavle


Cavtat is the most known and maybe the loveliest settlement in Konavle. It is actually the only town here. It is situated on an peninsula, partially protected by a bay. Here you can stroll through the narrow Mediterranean streets among the traditional stone houses while the crickets song and the smells of Adriatic herbs follow you. Numerous little coves and beaches will offer you a peaceful place in the sun or lots of fun in water sports activities. During the summer months there is also plenty to see in the town’s cultural and entertainment scene. The vicinity of the town of Dubrovnik makes this area even more attractive in case you crave some urban contents that can be reached in one of Croatia’s most beautiful towns. Be sure Cavtat can offer you plenty of restaurants and cafes where you can relax and watch the world go by.

Dalmatia is most southern and one of the largest regions in Croatia. Konavle could be the sunniest place here in the very south of the region. Book your holiday villa, cottage or apartment today and spend your dream holidays in the south of Croatia.

Cavtat in Konavle