Dubrovnik Littoral | Villas in Dubrovacko primorje

Dubrovnik Littoral or Dubrovacko primorje is the area south of the coastal border with Bosnia and Herzegovina and the area of the town of Neum along the Adriatiac coast of Dalmatia down to Dubravice just north of the Dubrovnik Riviera.

History of Dubrovnik Littoral

This area is rich Neolithic cultures’ remains. Just west of the village Donta Doli there is an archeological site Spilja (the Cave) that has left archeologists very excited. There are many sites with evidence of the transition from the Stone Age to Metal Era, what is actually evidence of a great migration of peoples. Here you can also see the ancient Illyrian stone graves called tumuli and gomile, depending on their shape. There are also remains of the later Roman period and the flourishing of the province Narona. Thise centuries left some of the pearls of the local architecture in the shape of villas in different locations  Neljet grad – Imotica, Topolo and Slano. After the Western Roman Empire dissolved there was a short period of Christian influence before the Slavic peoples stared settling.


Slano in Dubrovnik Littoral

Slano is the largest town of this area with a deep natural bay and a lovely marina. There you can find all you would need on your holiday. Here you can perfectly enjoy any watersports, hiking or cycling. Have you ever tried SUP? A calm bay is the place to do it. The region is one of the least urbanized in Croatia and therefore rich with in natural environments. Long pebble beaches, rocky coast, pine forests create the perfect setting for your holiday on the Adriatic coast. Cultivated areas are mostly covered in olive groves and vineyards, which adds even more Mediterranean charm.


Island of Sipan

This are is also perfect for diving and snorkeling. Not only is the underwater flora and fauna rich and awesome in the true sense of the word, but you can also see some ancient shipwrecks. Why not take part or at least observe Dubrovnik-Slano Regatta during the summer. One of the loveliest Dalmatian islands is Sipan, which you can see just across the channel. You can reach it by ferry from Dubrovnik’s main port, Gruz. The largest villages on Sipan are Sipanska Luka in the northwest and Sudurad in the southeast. Here you will find even more pristine nature and some unbelievable ancient architecture.

Sipan, Dubrovnik Littoral

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