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Villas in Brittany

Enjoy a peaceful holiday in one of our gorgeous villas in Brittany. Brittany is France's northwesternmost region. This historic region is home to some of the world's oldest standing architecture, such as the Barnenez and the Tumulus Saint-Michel, which were first erected in the early 5th millennium BC. 

Brittany has a long coastline, where you can enjoy long days on the uncrowded beaches. Many quaint and picturesque villages, all easily accessible from our villas in Brittany, are nestles in bays along the region's extensive coast. You will notice the ancient character of the region almost immediately upon arrival, as the countryside is dotted with medieval villages, castles, and quaint fishing hamlets. Additionally, our villas in Brittany provide the perfect setting to experience the unique of culture of this French peninsula; the region is widely recognized as a land of myths and legends. The region has a strong Celtic influence, due to their proximity to the United Kingdom (also often nicknamed as Little Britain), with their dialect being directly related to Gaelic.

We recommend that you go for a drive through the beautiful countryside and stop for lunch in one of the medieval towns. Visit one of the beautiful old churches and castles, experience traditional events and enjoy the characteristic architecture for this region. You will notice that the landscape of the region is incredibly diverse, ranging from quiet moors and forests to sweeping ocean views.

While staying in our villas in Brittany, we strongly recommend visiting during the celebrations of the region's historic religious festivals. The region is famous for celebration the antiquated custom of pardons, a pilgrimage in which the local townspeople attend Mass to beg for forgiveness for their sins to receive pardons. These festivals, along with church attendance, also include festivities with participants donning traditional costumes.

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Food in Brittany

If you love food, then our villas in Brittany are definitely worth a visit. Enjoy fresh fish and seafood, locally produced vegetables and quality meat. Enjoy an intimate meal in your local restaurant, or bring some delicacies back your your country cottage and cook them there.

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Booking privately owned accommodation in Brittany and villas in France will give you an authentic experience. We have a great selection of holiday villas, apartments and country cottages in Brittany ranging from budget accommodation to the luxury holiday villa with private pool. The properties in Brittany are popular though, so make sure you book now.

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