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Portugal villas –  Explore the sunniest country in Europe!

Our Portugal villas invite you and your loved ones to one of the sunniest destinations in Europe. The sun shines almost all year round in Portugal, and the country boasts an impressive array of both beaches, hiking trails, and gold courses. With more that 900km of coastline, and a beautiful and dramatic countryside, Portugal is one of the most diverse vacation rental destinations in Europe

Portugal is a fantastic place to rent a NOVASOL vacation rental. With some of the best beaches in Europe just a short drive from your vacation, Portugal is perfect for both a relaxing beach vacation, but also an exciting surfing adventure.

portugal villas

Portugal is incredibly historically and culturally rich. Wines, fado culture and beautiful historic cities such as the capital Lisbon (discover explore more about our Lisbon vacation rentals here), make Portugal a great destination for a cultural vacation. Portugal, and especially the Algarve region, also provides a wealth of golf courses, with your self catering vacation home being the perfect place to unwind with a swim in the private pool of your vacation home.

Our Portuguese villas

NOVASOL vacation villas and vacation apartments in Portugal provide you with the perfect opportunity to experience everything that Portugal has to offer. Portugal has a seemingly endless, dramatic and rocky coastline, and every bay and crevice presents some of Europes most pristine beaches.


There's another side to Portugal, apart from the sun and beaches. Portugal is brimming with good food and intriguing cultural experiences at every corner. The local villages, rustic markets, hospitable people, and beautiful countryside makes for a fulfilling experience, best topped off with an appetizing home cooked meal and a swim in your vacation home's private pool.


Portugal is one of the best places in Europe for a satisfying culinary experience. The Portuguese love to eat out and the restaurants in Portugal are always top notch. The delicious culinary traditions and fresh ingredients also provides the perfect opportunity to experiment with new dishes and cooking in your vacation rental.


Book one of our vacation homes today and find yourself in the best position to experience everything that Portugal has to offer.