Unije | Holiday homes on an unique island

Unije is an island in Kvarner Bay in the west of Croatia. It is the most western populated island in Croatia. It lies just west off of the northwest coast of the island of Losinj. A mild slope around the bay of Unije is the home of the only settlement on the island. That southern part of the western coast is shallow and easily accessible. The rest of the island is more dramatic but as much beautiful. There are deep bays in the northern part of the eastern coast that are perfect for a boat trip even through there are dirt roads leading to them. The carbon cliffs are the dramatic part of this splendid island and uniqueness of the area. There is a special ecological value to the island, since it is a resting place for numerous migrating bird species. The rich domestic flora and fauna hide some endemic species and you get the feeling you are walking through a nature reserve.

Island of Unije

Climate on Unije

That is one of the reasons this island is perfect for those who decide to spend their holiday listening to the waves and taking in the fragrant air filled with Mediterranean aromas. Unije is unique not only in the Adriatic Sea but in entire Mediterranean thanks to its large fertile surface.  The climate resembles more other Croatian islands in the south that those in Kvarner Bay. Due to its openness to the west and the open sea you will feel a gentle breeze even in the hottest July days.

Island of Unije

Life and history on Unije

A great number of archeological sites found on the island proves that Unije has been inhabited since Paleolithic. During the 1920’s the number of inhabitants was highest than ever and that was just shy from eight hundred. There are fewer than one hundred of them on the island today and during the high summer season with all the tourists the number does not rise to one thousand.

If you are looking for a holiday home on a green, peaceful and fragrant Adriatic island in Kvarner Bay, Unije is the place for you. Book your dream holiday in Croatia today!