A holiday rental on the Turkish Riviera

Visit the Turkish Riviera for a perfect Mediterranean holiday. Here is everything you could desire; picturisque bays, sandy beaches, charming port cities and plenty of sunshine. Locals grow citrus fruits, bananas and cotton, and you can also see pepper fields in the Kahramanmaras region. Visit the lively port city of Antalya for its cultural events, nightlife and many great beaches.

The many historical buildings, monuments and towns are all traces from the rich history of Turkey - Olympos town and the Temple of Apollo are all must-sees if you are interested in history.

Sun and climate

Sun is almost guarenteed on the Turkish Riviera with 300 sunny days. In August temperatures may reach 40C degrees, but the soft breeze feels refreshing and makes the hot temperature bearable.

Holiday rentals on the Turkish Riviera

Avoid the tourist crowds and book a privately owned holiday rentals on the Turkish Riviera. Enjoy the panoramic view from the balcony in your holiday apartment or chill out by your private swimming pool if you choose to rent a holiday villa on the Turkish Riviera.