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Book a holiday rentals in the mainland of Spain

In the mainland of Spain you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes and a inviting culture. Near the coast the climate is warm and very typical for the Mediterranean, further inland the climate is more temperate.

In the south of Spain you find the Andalusia region. It has a very long coastline (836km) with beaches, bays and also steep, rocky shores.

Catalonia in the north east Spain is also worth a visit for its green valleys, beautiful mountains and white beaches. The most famous city in Catalonia is Barcelona.

Galicia, north west Spain, is located just above Portugal. The region is characterised by rivers and mountains that separate Galacia from the rest of the Spain.

The capital, Madrid is located in the centre of Spain. In this beautiful city and also its surroundings, you can find plenty of cultural and historic attractions,

Other popular destinations in the mainland of Spain includes Valencia, the Basque region and also Rioja.