Self catering holiday villas in the central region of Portugal

Self catering holiday villas in the central region of Portugal

Self catering holiday villas in the central region of Portugal

The keywords for this magnificent part of the country are 'Authentic' and 'Unspoiled'. This area is truly the green heart of Portugal with an enormous variety of landscapes and incredible nature. From the majestic Serra da Estrela (Star Mountains) with the highest summit of mainland Portugal to the fantastic beaches of the Costa de Prata (Silver Coast), the region offers every thinkable type of holiday.

Book a holiday villa here, and go hiking or biking in the stunning lush forests, along the crystal clear rivers, unexpected snow-covered slopes and glacial lakes, beautiful valleys and authentic hamlets and villages where you still can see and feel the influence of years of Romain and Moorish domination. Or you can enjoy the lovely and at the same time impressive coastline of the Costa da Prata, with its many lively coastal towns, sandy beaches and incredible ocean waves where surfers find their Valhalla. The centre of Portugal offers it all.

A ‘medieval’ experience

There are no less than 16 different world heritage sites in Portugal, which is virtually unheard of for a country of its size. The central region of Portugal has become famous for its wealth of castles and keeps from the medieval period from the 11th till the 13th century. The Portuguese tourism board has formulated a route that takes you past their 20 favorites, something you should take a look at if stay in a holiday rental in the region and have an interest in history.

The capital of Lisbon sits in the southernmost part of this region, together with the famous town of Sintra that is itself a world heritage site because of its great beauty and historical importance.

Self catering holiday villas in the central region of Portugal

Absolutely stunning nature

The central region of Portugal exhibits an incredibly varied and dramatic natural environment, the perfect place to book a holiday villa for quiet natural beauty. The mountainous region is cut through by rivers, forests, and lakes. It is a very popular region with Portuguese nature lovers. Many of the rivers and lakes are used for bathing and watersports; this is where many of the local Portuguese live their day-to-day lives.

Take a hike up a stunning mountainside, or go for a relaxing swim by a shaded riverbank, to truly experience one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with a holiday rental in Portugal.

holiday homes in Central Portugal

Holiday homes in central Portugal

Book one of our gorgous holiday homes in central Portugal. Relax by the pool side or go on excursions in the countryside. All our holiday homes in Portugal are hand-picked by our NOVASOL employees.