Self catering holiday villas in the Alentejo region of Portugal

The name Alentejo means 'beyond the Tagus' and indeed the province is located south of the River Tagus, which flows from the Spanish border to Lisbon. This expansive region has a lot of different types of holiday homes; in the south the Alentejo is bordered by the Algarve, in the west by the Atlantic Ocean and in the east by Spain.

With approximately 26,000 km2 and only 750.000 inhabitants, it is surely one of the most sparesly populated areas of Portugal. Amongst the Portuguese the province is also called 'the bread basket' refering to its fertile soil and significant contribution to Portugal's food supply. Enjoy a picnic with local bread, sausage and a glass of red wine.

Alentejo is known for its superb wines, especially their red ones which are rich and fruity. Visit one of the local vineyards and taste for yourself.

If you are not a wine connoisseur, you can safely choose any Alentejo wine. It has only a few larger cities like the capital Évora, and the towns of Beja, Portealegre, and Sines. The rest of the beautiful landscape consists of all kind of small historic villages and stunning hills that provide beautiful views from your holiday villa.

Self catering holiday villas in the Alentejo region of Portugal

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The climate is relatively dry and hot for a large part of the year and mild in winter. In that regard you can travel to the Alentjeo all year round. Nevertheless, if you want to discover the unspoiled Portugal, the Alentejo is the perfect place to spend you vacation in a holiday villa.

With over 200 km of trails it is the ideal place for people who enjoy hiking and cycling through the amazing nature of the Alentejo. If you love horseback riding you can enjoy endless rides because the a lot of farmers will allow you to ride over their land as long as you close the gates behind you. But there is more in the Alentejo than meets the eye.

The capital city of Évora is a charming town with an incredible Roman heritage for a city of its size, and some of the small local villages will make you want to settle down and spend a life in their peaceful streets.

Experience all of this and more with a holiday rental in Portugal.

Self catering holiday villas in the Alentejo region of Portugal
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