Information about your holiday in Croatia

When entering Croatia: 

You are not required to provide any special reason for your stay. You can enter the country under the same conditions as prior to COVID-19 outbreak, but still under epidemiological control and by complying with general and special recommendations issued by the Croatian Institute of Public Health.

  • At the border, you must present a valid booking confirmation of your accommodation made through an accommodation establishment.
  • The booking confirmation includes:
    • Confirmation of accommodation booking of all accommodation service providers / all types of accommodation
    • Travel agency voucher etc.
  • In order to shorten the procedure at the border crossing points, you are advised to announce your visit by filling in the form on the following site
  • After having filled in the form, you will receive an announcement certificate, which you must display on the windshield of your vehicle in order to facilitate the border crossing. 
    • If you do not fill in the form before entering Croatia, the border police must then fill in the form. This will create a long waiting time for both yourself and other visitors. 
  • If entering Croatia by plain you also need to fill in the form. 


General information about you holiday in Croatia: 

Use of swimming pools: 

  • Shower prior to entering a pool is mandatory 
  • Min. distance of 1,5 m between bather (does not apply for persons in the same group)
  • Max. 15 people in a pool of 100 sqm.  

Going to the beach: 

  • You must keep a distance of 1,5 m on the beach and in the water (does not apply for persons in the same group)

Wearing face masks: 

  • It is not mandatory to wear a face mask, but when leaving your accommodation, in necessary situations, it´s recommended wearing a mask or a covering for the nose and mouth, to keep a physical distance from others (a minimum of 1.5 meters). A good hand hygiene is also necessary and expected. 

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