Staycation: make the most of your vacation

Can't you just stay cloistered at home? Has the daily routine got the better of you?

No need to take a long-haul flight to live new experiences... By opting for the staycation, live the adventure closer to home.

What's staycation ?

Staycation is the contraction of the English words "stay", to stay, and "vacation", holidays. The trend of vacationing at home or near home has only accelerated in recent years. Indeed, affording a stay not far from where you live has many advantages. Among other things, adopting a staycation allows you to:

  • reduce travel time
  • take more getaways during the year
  • save on transport
  • ... by increasing your budget for activities and outings
  • support local shops
  • and especially not exploding your carbon footprint!

Staycation : local tourism

As you will understand, the staycation is akin to a return to local tourism where all the pleasure lies in (re) discovering one's country or region. So how do you get the most out of the staycation? Travel, activities, destinations ... We give you all the advice and tips to make the most of your staycation!

What destination for your staycation ?

For families or group trips, opt for Provence. This region offers a mild climate throughout the year, the possibility of combining seaside pleasures and walks in unspoiled nature, not to mention its culinary specialties! And for a staycation in complete relaxation, why not opt for a rental with a swimming pool?

The most adventurous will opt for a staycation in Corsica for its reliefs. This island is a pure marvel for the eyes, it also has one of the most famous hikes in France: the GR20. It is no coincidence that it is nicknamed the Island of Beauty.

Alternatively, succumb to the charm of the French Alps. Summer and winter, you won't have time to bother.

And to satisfy your desires for pure relaxation, opt for a rental staycation with a sauna or a jacuzzi. This type of accommodation is perfectly suited for short romantic stays.

Water sports enthusiasts will be delighted to stay on the Atlantic Coast. Practice your favorite sport and enjoy the sea air with a house by the sea. Check out our houses less than 5 kilometers from the sea!


Atlantic Coast rentals by the sea

… And if spontaneity is your only criteria, take a look at our last minute houses. Low prices and a change of scenery guaranteed!

Getting around during your staycation

Whether you're staying at home or deciding to book a vacation rental nearby, plan a few excursions around. Nothing like choosing a destination where you can easily radiate around. The wealth of France lies in its natural diversity, but also in its many historical sites. So for a hike or a visit to a castle, go to the place of your outing on board a train. The train is the ideal form of transport as the journey itself turns into an expedition. Inexpensive and comfortable, relax and enjoy the scenery scrolling - bonus: kids will love it.

If you choose the car, take the small roads! By choosing the faster option, we often miss a lot of points of interest and curiosities. Let yourself be surprised by a skyline that you know little or nothing about, stop in the charming villages that you pass through, discover local producers at a market, browse the local flea market ... only advice is take your time!

What to do during your staycation ?

Contrary to what one might think, the possibilities for activities are great during a staycation. What is the purpose of the holidays in fine? Rejuvenate, discover, take care of yourself ... No need to travel to the other hemisphere for that! If you are lacking inspiration, here is a non-exhaustive list of ideas for occupations:

  • Explore your own city in search of unknown corners: secret courtyards, gardens, fountains… Take back the place in a different way. Also, take the opportunity to try out places you never had the time or budget for - indulge yourself!
  • Travel around the surrounding towns and discover their heritage (check out the UNESCO listed sites!), You will surely learn a lot about regional history. After all, a little culture has never hurt anyone.
  • There are many natural spaces, plan a hike in a reserve or a park with a picnic stop. Moments of bonding with children guaranteed!
  • For the more athletic, don't hesitate to book a nautical activity in the area. Pedal boat, kayak, kite surf ... in the sea as on a river, work out while discovering your environment from another angle.
  • The staycation is also an opportunity to take advantage of your vacation rental and its attributes: swimming pool, garden, balcony, sauna, panoramic view ... Spend a day taking time for yourself: read a book, take a dip or cook up a tasty meal - the main thing is to indulge yourself.

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